Who is the poorest person in the world?

Have you ever seen the poorest person ever? Do you know how to live for less than a dollar per day? Fortunately, you do not. But find time to have a closer look on the poorest person on earth.

The poorest kids in Africa

Poverty is a very relative term, both objectively and subjectively. The standard of living and income of people in different countries varies considerably. In 1985, the World Bank established the extreme poverty threshold, which is equal to the official income of $ 1 per day. Currently, due to inflation, the real amount has been increased to $ 1.5 per day. From the total amount of 7.5 billion people on the planet, half a billion people live below the extreme poverty threshold.

What is the official poverty threshold?

Officially, the poorest person in the world receives the income of less than $365 per year. It should be borne in mind that a lot of people do not even get the money, do not enjoy the benefits of civilization and live entirely due to subsistence farming. There are also thousands of people who, because of extreme poverty, cannot afford even the satisfaction of basic needs in food. For example, in Africa there thousands from starving children who have even no clothes, not to mention the comfortable housing with electricity and heating, etc.

Many of us take everything for granted. It is difficult to find someone who would be completely satisfied with his life and gratefully accepts every new day. At the same time, we often do not appreciate what we have, wanting more and more, completely forgetting that over half a billion people live on $ 1 per day or even less.

British journalists published a selection of photographs called “The poorest person in the world”. Please keep in mind that reasons of poverty are varied. However, the difficulties these people face every day are very similar.

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Examples of the poorest people in the world

This is four-year-old Ana Maria Tudor at her house in Bucharest. Her father has recently been operated on his gall bladder. As a result of the infection, which he received after the operation, he won’t be able to work anymore. Moreover, he constantly needs expensive medications. In a squalid room in which the family lives, there is neither electricity nor sewage system.

four-year-old Ana Maria Tudor

This is thirteen-year-old blind girl Hunupa Begum and her ten-year-old brother Nizamudin. Their father died 10 years ago, and a 35-year-old mother suffers from asthma and cannot work any longer. Only begging helps them to survive somehow. A girl`s wheelchair is a gift from one of the passers-by.

thirteen-year-old blind girl Hunupa Begum

These are Charam slums in northern India. Two-year-old Sangeeta is suffering from malnutrition effects, while her five-month-old brother is sleeping. The girl is sometimes being rented out to other poorest people, so that they share the daily collected alms. It is a popular practice among the poor Indians when one child is being sacrificed for the benefit of another one.

Charam slums in northern India

These are five brothers from the Cambodian capital. Now they are in a shelter and feel much better than a few months ago, when they were forced to live on the streets.

five brothers from the Cambodian capital

This is 25-year-old Coco with her five-year-old daughter Satta. Coco is disabled and earns her living only by collecting alms and washing clothes. Daughter and mother are suffering from the consequences of malaria. They sleep in the hallway of the house where there is neither water nor electricity.

five-year-old daughter Satta

After the death of his father, nine-year-old Alvaro Kalancha is engaged in animal husbandry. Early in the morning he chases a herd of llamas in the pasture, and then runs to school. Wool is the only source of his family income. His family annually earns approximately 190 dollars.

nine-year-old Alvaro Kalancha

This is eight-year-old Fathi from Akra in Ghana. Every day she comes to electrical dump to find anything of valuable for selling for pennies. Tears on her face are the reason of malaria she has been constantly suffering from.

eight-year-old Fathi from Akra in Ghana


Many people in the world live in poverty. Therefore, you need to appreciate every dollar and help the poorest persons – even if it may first seem impossible.

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