Who is the richest black man in the world?

Do you know which one of the black men is the richest in the world today? 

Is that Aliko Dagnote from Nigeria?

aliko dagnote

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Acknowledge frankly: Aliko Dangote was very decent for Africans "seed money" because he was not born in a poor village in the Sahara, and in the family of wealthy Muslim merchants. If Forbes compiled their lists of the rich a century ago, they would probably hit the Dangote's grandfather on the maternal side: he was one of the world's largest merchants and Cola nuts, by the way, the richest man in West Africa.

However, family capital helped Dangote only at the very beginning of his career when in the late 70's he borrowed money from his uncle and started to trade stocks on the stock exchange. Mind and luck allowed him to quickly pay off debt, and put together the first serious money. But soon the trading of securities future billionaire was tired, and he decided to do real business.

First Dangote, like most of the other oligarchs from Nigeria — Northern (sometimes referred to as Russia), have relied on oil: in the late ' 70s, the country exported a huge amount of hydrocarbons, and everyone wanted to participate in lucrative deal. But then fuel prices fell sharply, and with them, reduced the income of the future billionaire. So he, in his words, received a very important investment lesson: don't put all your eggs in one basket, need to diversify business.

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