Who is the skinniest woman in the world?

Do you know the name of the skinniest woman in the world? Do you know who Valeria Levitina is? Have your heard anything about anorexia? It is one of the worst diseases for those women who are engaged in model business. Continue reading to get more information.

The skinniest anorexic woman

Valeria Levitina story is very sad. She is considered to be the world’s skinniest anorexic woman who lived in 2000s. At the age of 39 she looked liked a real living mummy, owing to the fact that she dreadfully had just 24 kilograms. On the whole, a fully grown woman has the weight of a 6-year-old child due to anorexia.   

What is anorexia?

In medicine, eating disorder is called anorexia nervosa, or simply anorexia. It is characterized by strong panic of gaining weight, a low weight, food restriction, and a sturdy desire to be thin. People with anorexia always think they have excess weight even though they are in fact skin-and-bone.

Anorexic women always reject they have definite problems with low weight. They eat only small amounts, weigh themselves regularly, and consume certain foods. Some of them will force themselves to vomit, exercise excessively, or use laxatives to make weight loss. The key anorexia complications are infertility and heart damage, osteoporosis, leading to death.

Valeria Levitina anorexia

Valeria was born in Moscow. As a child Valeria had overweight, so mother put her on strong a diet. Surely, Valeria listened to mom and ate less, constantly suffering from starvation.

As a child Valeria had overweight

Her classmates` silly jokes over plump Valeria forced her to cut rations even more.

Valeria Levitina at school

After she moved to the USA and became a super model, it was just necessary to be very thin, as it was required by the considerable part of model agencies in the US.

To correspond all required standards, Valeria Levitina completely eliminated carbohydrates and sweet from food, eating only vegetables. Then she excludes them all and started to consume only a cup of coffee, crackers and plenty of water.

Super Model Valeria Levitina

When she was finally diagnosed anorexia, Valeria could not change anything. In her numerous interviews she often told that she hated her present appearance. The ex-model was often photographed and gave many interviews promoting healthy eating and clear thinking, not morbid desire for thinness. Soon Valeria Levitina became a real symbol of the struggle with anorexia in the world.

Anorexic woman Valeria Levitina

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When she peaked her career heights, for thousand of girls worldwide Valeria was a model to follow. They often wrote her letters asking to share some secret of her beauty and her methods to lose weight. But when everyone saw this already anorexic woman, she became example which should never be followed. Looking at Valeria, many girls simply stopped torturing themselves with diets.

Valeria Levitina death

On December 1, 2013 Valeria Levitina passed away. When she felt really bad, she came to her mother. At that time, she could not swallow anything and lost consciousness. She was put in the hospital on the same day. According to his mother, Valerie's last words were: “I feel happy”.

Anorexic model Valeria Levitina

Instead of conclusion

Let us find out what other women died from anorexia at the young age.

Dior`s favorite super model Anna Carolina Reston was adored by John Galliano very much. She ate only apples and tomatoes, and died from anorexia at the age of 22. Her last work was the advertising of Giorgio Armani campaign. Even when her weight was less than 40 kg, she was insistently invited to continue cooperation.

Hila Emalich was a tremendously popular Israeli model on the world podium in the nineties. At the age of twenty-one she was diagnosed anorexia. The illness had been accompanying her for almost thirteen years. As a result, supermodel died on her 34th birthday weighing 22 kilogram.

Hila Emalich

Immediately after her death, a prominent Israeli photographer Adi Barkan launched a worldwide campaign, which aimed to change the definition of beauty, and the promotion of models not to be skinny.

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