Who is the world's strongest man in 2016?

Who is the strongest man in the world in 2016 and what weight can he lift? What other men have ever had this title? Read the information below to learn more interesting facts about people who broke world records.

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World's strongest man – WWE

World's strongest man 2016 results are known: The world's strongest man 2016 is the Lithuanian athlete Žydrūnas Savickas. He is known that he has won a title of the strongest person on the planet for the first time in 2009 and supported this status throughout 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016. In the childhood, the young Lithuanian differed in nothing from his peers. Once he has incidentally seen a TV show about the strongest athletes of the world – power lifters – and has got sick with strength sports for the rest of his life. For the first time Žydrūnas Savickas has come to the gym when he was a 15-year-old young man and in two years he has won first place in competitions of Lithuania and was entitled the strongest person in the country.

He made a world record in lifting weights and was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest athlete-power lifter, and just as the strongest person of the Earth. Colleagues from the training hall, where the strongest person trains, note not only outstanding natural data of the athlete. They also speak about his persistence, diligence, and unusual commitment with pride.

He possesses a record in squats with loads. The strongest person in the world has sat down with a bar weighing 400 kilograms. In spite of the fact that hobbies of the strongest person on the planet are reading and travel, he regularly goes to the gym without missing any training. His personal record is a work weighing 1000 kilograms in a squat, a press and draft, and also the squats with 400 kg bar. At competitions of 2012, which demand from athletes to wring out a heavy log from a breast, the strongest person in the world with ease has squeezed out the 220th-kilogram tree. It was the next world record of the strongest person from Lithuania. He won first place in prestigious competitions 'Strongest man' and 'Arnold Classic' several times. Iron Arnold faithfully handed an award to the strongest person on Earth several times. To receive sixteen thousand dollars and the Hummer car from Arnold is a very big achievement.

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The strongest person has nearly ended the brilliant career. At the competition, which was taking place in the Faroe Islands, Žydrūnas Savickas has seriously injured a knee, and many people thought that the athlete would leave big sports forever. But exactly in nine months, the strongest person on the planet not only has stepped on the stage again. He has broken the own record and has sat down with a bar 100 kilograms bigger than last time. Such victories as a press of 285.5 kilograms, a throw of a 27-killogram ball up on 5.2 meters belong to his records. Knowing the strongest person on Earth, it is possible to say with confidence that it is not a limit.

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World's strongest man ever

But who is the world's strongest man for all time of history? There is no definite answer to this question as there are a great number of the glorified athletes. Joe Rollino has a full authority to take the first place in this list. What is remarkable, this person was the oldest strongmen on the planet. He hasn't lived a several days before his 105th birthday. Joe was convinced vegetarian and didn't take alcohol at all. Perhaps, this was a secret of his remarkable force. The man was a winner in various boxing duels, including illegal, which were popular last century. With a very modest growth in 165 cm and the weight of 68 kg, he with success knocked out opponents of another weight category. He held weight in three hundred kilograms with one finger, and world fame has overtaken him in 1920 when he has torn off half-ton weight from the ground. Seeing this person, nobody believed that he is more than hundred years old. In the day of his 104th birth, he with ease showed a trick with bending of a coin. By the way, he has died a violent death. The strongest person has tragically died, having got under the car wheels.

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  • Alexander Zass. The world has learned about him in 1938 for the first time. It has occurred in England in Sheffield. He has entered in history as the person who was under the wheels of the truck loaded with coal and has safely survived. As well as Joe Rollino, Alexander's body wasn't noted by super parameters. At 167 cm of growth, he weighed slightly more – about 80 kg. All his life took place in the circus where he relocated a piano with girls, lifted a horse, hammered nails with a hand and caught kernels from the gun. Throughout World War I, Alexander took out wounded soldiers more than once and even once has taken out a horse. After the end of war, Iron Samson (his nickname) has shown to the audience an improbable trick – he has transferred an iron beam to the top of the building in teeth.
  • The most famous athlete of our time and idol of millions of boys of generation of the 90th is Arnold ‘Iron Arnold’ Schwarzenegger. He has begun to win numerous awards at 15. Among his honorary titles is not only Mr. Universe. He also won the title Mr. Olympia seven times. Since 70th, Schwarzenegger successfully acts in films. The power career of Arnold has ended in 10 years after his debut in cinema, but not many people were upset because of it. It is difficult to imagine some another man as Terminator. Having worked as the governor of California, Iron Arnold has returned to the acting career. And we see that having thrown off an official suit, the strongest person in a movie industry is still in an excellent form in his age.


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