Who is world's ugliest man?

Do you know who world’s ugliest man is? Have you ever heard about Godfrey Bagum? Can you imagine that he lives in Africa? Continue reading the article to get to know this unique man closer.

Godfrey Bagum

The ugliest man in the world lives in Uganda. Godfrey Bagum is considered to be the ugliest man alive. Now he is 48 years old. In 2002, for the third time in a row he won the amateur title of the ugliest person in the country.  


All his life the man has been suffering from an unknown illness. As a result, it has formed an abnormal swelling on his face. For many times Bagum has stated that he suffered much from his appearance when he was a child. He was constantly teased and humiliated at school. When he became an adult, it was impossible for him to find a job, because his appearance frightened other people very much. He was only able to apply for the job, where he did not have to see people. Therefore, almost all his existence Godfrey worked as a shoemaker in a dark cellar.

Ugliest man on the planet


In June 2015, Bagum announced that he and his wife, 30-year-old Kate Namanda, gave birth to a wonderful girl. This was the sixth child in his happy family. Bagum also brings up two other children from his first marriage. Their love story was like the following.

Godfrey and Kate Namada

Bagum was very unlucky with his first wife. One day he learned that she cheated on him. Therefore, he immediately divorced her. In 2007, the ugliest man on earth met Kate Namanda. They began going on dates actively. A year later, the woman gave birth to their first child. In 2013, the couple officially got married.  

Bagum and Namada`s wedding

“We met secretly from everyone. I did not want to be seen together before our baby was born,” – explains Godfrey. The wife of the ugliest man in the world says that she never cares about her husband`s unattractive appearance.

“When your heart chooses someone, you one way or another stop paying attention to what others say. I never regret my decision to marry Godfrey. I love him so much.” – says Kate Namanda.

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Music career

In 2002, the ugliest man on earth participated in the competition for the title of the ugliest person in Uganda to earn money. Having won the competition, the man decided to devote himself to show business. Godfrey Bagum began to write songs under the pseudonym Ssebabi.

Now he also earns money during numerous public speaking classes. He also sings and acts as a stand-up comedian.

Godrey Bagum in show business

Is Godfrey Bagum happy?

Being a father of eight children, Godfrey is an absolutely happy man. Notwithstanding his unattractive appearance, the man has already got used to it long ago. And all people around now love him as a talented musician and comedian, who did make everyone respect himself.

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