Who lives longer – man or woman?

What are the differences between the lifestyle of men and women? How does it influence on life? Read the article to find the answer.

Who lives longer – man or woman

Who lives longer – man or woman? Why women live longer than men live? Long ago, scientists of the whole world asked this question.

Despite all difficulties, which are experienced by women in their life – giving birth to children, problems with health, household and so on, unfortunately, men live five-seven years less than women do, on average.

As a result, scientists found out a number of the reasons exerting impact on life expectancy:

  • biology (genetics),
  • hormones,
  • emotionality,
  • addictions,
  • care about health,
  • the position about marriage,
  • driving of transport.

Who lives longer – male or female: biological factor

Who lives longer – male or female: biological factor

The science knows that genes are the main reason. It is known from a course of biology that genes form in chromosome organism cells. They are material carriers of heredity. In kernels of cells of a human body, there are 23 couples of chromosomes. 22 couples have both men and women, and the 23d couple at women are two identical X-chromosomes (XX), and at men two different – X and Y-chromosomes (XY). For this reason, the 23d couple of chromosomes is called ‘sexual chromosomes.’

Explanation of the fact that women live longer is existence in cells of an organism of 2 different sexual chromosomes reducing the life. That's why XY lives less than XX having two identical sexual chromosomes, as the recessive mutations can appear at them more often. As the mutations reducing the viability of the kind are inevitable, individuals with a male have the reduced life more often.

Hormones: man vs. woman

The obvious difference between the man and woman is the presence of a menstrual cycle at women. In the Netherlands, scientists have found out that during periods, estradiol hormone is produced at women. This hormone stimulates heart muscles. Both in the second half of a menstrual cycle, and during pregnancy at women the number of heart reductions increases. The same occurs at physical exercises. It turns out, that heart in addition trains within several days every month. As a result, there is the smaller quantity of heart troubles, unlike men.

Besides estradiol hormone, estrogen hormone is produced at women. It reduces the content of bad cholesterol in the blood. As a result, women have healthier vessels in comparison to men.

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 Hormones: man vs. woman

Emotionality as the reason that men live lesser than women do

Stresses exist both in the life of men and in the life of women. These are work, life, children, and personal experiences. The stress reduces our life. Unfortunately, the modern rhythm of life doesn't allow being without it. The difference is made by the relation and reaction to stresses. Men constrain the emotions and hold the experiences inside. And it is unhealthy. There is an accumulation of nervous tension. It needs an exit. Women provide this exit. They cry, complain, and shout sometimes. It is useful. You probably agree, that having cried, you feel much better.

The ulcer and hypertension are considered as male diseases. These are diseases of nerves. Besides, accumulation of negative emotions leads to rather heavy nervous breakdowns and depressions up to suicides. The statistics show that there are more suicides among men than among women. It means that emotionality is one of the reasons of why women live longer than men do.

Addictions are also one of the reasons of why men live lesser than women do

Smoking and alcoholism, irregular and improper feeding, bad sleeping – all these men abuse more than women. And there is life expectancy reduction. Smoking causes cancer, which is a pulmonary disease. Also, smoking loosens nervous system. Tobacco is a certain kind of narcotic substance, which causes accustoming. Giving up smoking, the person has a stress. And often begins to smoke again through certain time. It happens infinitely. Frequent and unlimited alcohol intake cause diseases of the liver, a stomach, and heart. If it does not kill the person, then he will be killed by drunken states, which are various accidents in alcohol intoxication. Lack of physical activity, irregular sleeping and irregular feeding also reduces life expectancy. Besides, men often use instant products. And they contain a huge number of chemical substances that leads to GIT diseases.

man and woman

Care about health increases life

It is known that women care about the health more. The woman always listens to the organism and addresses experts much more often. It is possible not only cure the developed disease this way but also to warn its development. The woman always takes care of herself. There are even such data that women get sick with the same diseases 10-12 years later than men are.

Position about the marriage of spouses

For a long time, there are rumors that men in marriage live longer. Single men die for 4-8 years before married. What is it explained with? First, wives care for the husbands. Men live in more comfortable conditions and have fewer stresses. Secondly, this is an intimate aspect of life. Regular sex life with one partner reduces the risk of sexually transmitted and cardiovascular diseases. Thirdly, the married men are less reckless than unmarried peers are. They are less inclined to take the risk and avoid dangerous situations more.

The transport

The car is also the reason of why women live longer than men do. Men drive the car more often than women do. The reasons of the smaller life expectancy connected with the driving of the car are two: nervous tension when driving and mortality at accidents. Women are more careful in this case, therefore draft and love of men to cars doesn't promote their longevity. Life depends on us more than it can seem. Don’t forget about a way of life, at which doesn't matter whether you are man or woman.

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