Who was the first man turned into a woman?

Who was the first man in Britain, who decided to change his gender on female? In what year were these operations made? Read the article to learn interesting facts about the first sex changes.

Transgender stories

Transgender stories

George Jemison became the first British who change the sex and made huge noise in the press. Now he is 77 years old, his name is Ms. April Ashley. She (he) is an actress and the fighter for transgender rights.

In dive of her glory, she became model of Vogue magazine. She has managed to tempt such famous actors as Omar Sharif and Peter O'Toole, and also has drawn attention of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. But her world has failed in the sixties when 'friend' has sold astory of her transformation. For that time, she was going to get married for aristocrat. She didn't manage to marry, but the scandal story has made her well-known. George was born in Liverpool in 1935 and tells what since 3 years he has understood who he is actually.

The young man was a victim of a daily beating at school. In 15 years, in a vain attempt to become man, he has registered in merchant marine fleet, but after two years spent in the sea, he has decided to commit suicide. He had unsuccessful attempts of suicide, after which he was imprisoned in a psychiatric clinic.

guy turned into a woman

On the end of treatment in 1955, George has moved to Paris, and worked as hostess in Le-Carousel club, which clients were Ernest Hemingway, Jean Paul Sartre and Bob Hope. In 1960 at the age of 25 years, having saved up 3000 pounds, he has addressed the surgeon and undergone gender surgery. The guy turned into a woman.

Scandalous glory and the past nevertheless hasn't prevented transgender woman to fulfill long dream to marry the aristocrat. In 1963, she married Arthur Corbett, the educated son and the successor of Lord Rowallan. When they have met, Corbett was already married, had four children and tortured passion to women's dresses, in the most literal sense of this word. He liked to try on them himself. Arthur has left the wife and wasn't afraid to be sawn-off society, having married the former man. Arthur’s divorce and attempts to legalize marriage have turned all attention on them again. Their marriage became the most discussed and has nonplussed legislature.

Only in 2004, George could call himself woman lawfully when the government has made the Law on gender recognition. In 2005, she has received the new birth certificate claiming that she was born the woman. Now she lives alone in Fulham.

transgender woman

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There is also other man turned into a womanstory. The first gender surgery was made by Dane Aynor Wegener in 1931. Operation has been made in Germany, where already married at that time, with the wife, talented Danish artist, man turned into a woman. The wife, understanding the husband, who recognized that he was born with 'wrong gender', supported him in every possible way. Journalists have learned about it. The fact of sex change has been published and was widely discussed. Divorce, which was terminated by the king of Denmark, became the result of this story. Both of them were artists, but after operation, they were already two women.

man turned into a woman story

According to other version, George William Jorgensen became the person who has officially changed sex. He was born in 1926 in Bronx, New York. Later he described himself as fragile blond fellow closed and avoiding fights and violence. In the late forties, being on service in armed forces of the USA, George Jorgensen has seen newspaper article, in which it was told about Danish doctor Christian Hamburger doing experiments connected with gender therapy. Jorgensen had a hope that Hamburger would help to solve his problem. The long course on introduction of women's hormones became the first step on the way to transformation into the woman. Hamburger has suggested Jorgensen to recognize himself as the woman and to begin to dress on as woman. Hamburger noted changes at the patient as women's hormones began to work.

man turned into a woman

‘At first mammary glands began to increase, and then on the growing bald top of the patient hair have begun to grow – he told later. – At last all body has changed from man's to female's’.

Jorgensen has also examined psychologist, who recognized that the patient is really convinced of need of surgery on sex change. But for this purpose at first it was necessary to persuade the government of the country to change the law forbidding castration. Psychologist managed to convince the authorities, and Jorgensen has gone on the first of series of operations, which had to change his genitals from man to female. Jorgensen died from cancer in 1989, at the age of 62 years. Several years prior to death, she returned to Denmark to meet doctors who helped her to change sex.

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