Who was the oldest woman pregnant?

Who was the oldest pregnant woman? In what age he gave birth to her child? How did she look like? Find out her story and photos here.


Meet the oldest woman pregnant! Her name is Rajo Devi Lohan. She gave birth at the age of 69. The child was healthy, but Rajo nearly died from complications with the delivery. She followed controversial IVF treatment.


When Rajo Devi Lohan became the world's oldest first-time mother, critics said she was putting her health at risk. Also, they claimed that she condemned her daughter to the agony of losing her parents at a young age.

Now, Rajo  is 74 years old. She thinks that having her daughter, Naveen, has made her stronger and helped her live longer. Following her bout of ill health, the frail mother believes her desire of seeing her little one marry is giving her the strength to fight on and live to see the special day.


Rajo cannot afford to die

Rajo lives in the remote village of Hissar, India, with Naveen, her husband Ballo and his second, younger wife, Umi. She said that the only reason she is still alive in spite of her illness was Naveen. She is a gift to her from God, and until she gets her married, she cannot afford to die.


She also added that she will get her married when she turns 15-years-old, but until then she simply cannot die.

Is it normal?

At the time of Naveen's birth, many questioned whether it was morally right for a pensioner to have children, while also suggesting it is detrimental to the health of an OAP.


Doubts were justified when Rajo fell ill. She was almost dying from post-birth complications related to her IVF treatment.

However, Rajo has even outlived her doctor who guided her through the process.  She sais that this is because she has something to live for - daughter Naveen.


Rajo told that when Naveen was born, the Doctor had asked her to take bed rest, but she did not listen to him. That's why her health got so bad.


Rajo worked even after the child birth. For her work is what she has done all her life. She is feeling much better now. The doctor took very good care of her. He spent a lot of money on her medical expenditure, to help to get a child. Rajo also added that she desperately dreamed about her own child for the whole life.  Everyone celebrated when Naveen was born. The villagers were very happy, and everyone came to see her.


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Naveen does not need to worry about her future; she has her other mother, Umi, her uncles, relatives and father to look after her. In addition, Naveen will inherit all her property which includes 566,280 sq/ft of land. Her future will be secure.

Lovely mother

Rajo is still the one who prepares her daughter for the school in the morning.  Naveen does not let anybody else do it; she insists her mother will do it. She is very proud of Rajo and loves her dearly. Energetic Naveen has begun attending the local village primary school. She is proud of her mother, despite the old woman's evident struggle to keep up at times.


Naveen said: 'I love my mother very much. I also love my father, but I love my mother more than him.'

Watch the video below to learn about another old pregnant woman!

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