Why are creative people prone to depression?

Are people with creative minds totally different from the others? Are they more likely to get depressed? Learn the answers to these questions now!

creative people and depression

The definition of depression shouldn’t be explained – everybody knows what it is. The power of depression is sometimes underestimated.

However, all the doctors and researchers agree that it is a real problem that many people have to deal with nowadays.

But you have to keep in mind that actual depression that is considered to be a sickness isn’t the same as sad feelings you might have from time to time.

There is a belief that creative people are more prone to depression but is it really true? And how does it work? A lot of studies show that, apparently, this statement is true.

People whose work is pure creativity have another perception of the world – they have to feel it through their souls and sometimes it gets really hard when they see all the horrible stuff happening in our world.

Most of the famous artists and musicians had depression and scientists think that it’s connected to their talent.

Their brain works completely different

There have been several studies on creative brains done. Most of the experts agree that those who don’t have any special talents connected with creativity perceive the reality in different way.

creative people and depression

They are more likely to adjust to any kinds of situations and they don’t need to question the statements of the authorities – they are ready to go with the flow.

But the brain of creative people works completely different – they question everything and need to process every idea and statement on their own.

Moreover, they are more sensitive and in general it’s harder for them to adapt and get used to new situations and new people.

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But it’s not a bad quality because this way of thinking also gives them an opportunity to express a lot of their thoughts through their creative work.

And those people who appreciate art in general might get totally new ideas about the same subject.

Most of the time creative people have their own ideas about everything and they won’t obey others if they don’t agree, even if these people are their teachers or bosses.

That’s why sometimes it becomes hard for them to be a part of the society but at least they think for themselves. And another consequence of this way of thinking is loneliness.

creative people and depression

Not all of them are friendless but it just becomes harder for them to communicate with people who don’t share their own ideas and follow the majority.

Feelings of isolation

Even though there are always people who would bully you for being different, it’s definitely not a bad thing. And if you enjoy being alone there is nothing wrong with that too.

But if you feel really uncomfortable without friends it’s also understandable. It would be great if you found someone like you.

People who have creative minds are more likely to get depression because they are not willing to fit in the society they don’t like. Sometimes they just prefer to isolate themselves from the outer world.

And the unwilling loneliness makes them really unhappy which leads to depression.

Even though there are hundreds or even thousands of people around the world who suffer from depression, it’s impossible not to notice the tendency of creative people to become depressed.

Accept yourself

Even though one of the causes of depression might be your creative mind, it doesn’t mean that you have to become an ‘ordinary’ person in order to get rid of it.

creative people and depression

Remember that if you perceive the world in your own way there is nothing wrong about it – it just makes you more exceptional.

You don’t have to stop doing what you are really good at – you need to continue doing it in order to become a professional.

Even if you don’t want to make a career out of your creative hobby – you surely won’t regret if you keep on improving your skills. What is more, don’t be afraid showing your real self.

This way you will feel freer and you will most likely meet the people who are just like you if you stop hiding from others.

When you find friends who share the same hobbies and ideas you will see how great it will feel and how it will influence your creative work too!

Most creative people are shy and very sensitive and it sometimes leads to them being bullied by the others.

But even if you have to deal with bullying, you’d better talk to someone about it and there will surely be a solution of this problem. Never hide yourself and don’t pretend to be someone else.

And in case you are having depression, talk to someone you trust.

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