Why did Achilles quarrel with Agamemnon?

Everyone who likes Greek mythology has already heard of the great warrior Achilles and his true king Agamemnon. Once upon a time, they had a significant conflict. Why did Achilles quarrel with Agamemnon? Keep on reading to figure out interesting facts about it.

Achilles quarrel with Agamemnon

The prominent Greek hero of the Trojan War Achilles was also the fundamental character and supreme fighter of Homer's Iliad. For the duration of the Trojan War, the killing of the great Trojan hero Hector in front of the gates of Troy was the most distinguished achievement by Achilles.

Homer and Iliad

Iliad by Homer is the most popular description of Achilles' actions in the Trojan War. Achilles' rage is the essential theme of the poem.

Reasons of Achilles`s quarrel with Agamemnon

The Homeric epic starts with Achilles' removal from battle after Agamemnon, the leader of the Achaean forces, dishonored him.

Nevertheless, what happened? King Agamemnon took a woman under the name Chryseis as his slave. Her father, a priest of Apollo, begged Agamemnon to return her to her home. The king refused and Apollo sent a plague amongst all the Greeks.


The fortune-teller named Calchas correctly determined the source of the troubles. However, he promised not to say anything unless Achilles protected him. Achilles did so. After it, Calchas informed that the slave Chryseis should be returned to her father as soon as possible.

Agamemnon had to agree to do in such a way. Suddenly, he commanded that Achilles' fight prize woman under the name Briseis should be given to him to substitute Chryseis.


Being angry at the disgrace of having his ill-gotten gains and magnificence taken away and because he loved Briseis, Achilles evidently refused to fight and lead his troops alongside the other Greek forces. Burning with fury over Agamemnon's robbery, Achilles prayed to his mother Thetis to persuade Zeus to assist the Trojans gain ground in the war. He urgently needed this to recover his honor.

Trojan War

Owing to the power of Zeus, the battle turned against the Greeks. At the same time, Nestor informed that the Trojans were winning because Agamemnon had made angry the best warrior ever. He immediately asked the king to make peace with angered Achilles. Nothing remained to Agamemnon as to agree. The ruler and sent Odysseus and two other chiefs, Phoenix and Ajax, to Achilles. They needed to propose the return of Briseis and many other gifts. Achilles denied everything that Agamemnon suggested him and merely urged the Greeks to cruise home.

Odysseus, Phoenix, and Ajax

The Trojans with their rounded fighter Hector afterward pushed the Greek army back toward the sea and attacked their ships. With the Greek forces on the edge of complete demolition, Patroclus led the Myrmidons into the fight wearing Achilles' armor; however, Achilles stayed at his camp. In that great battle, Patroclus managed to push the Trojans back. Unfortunately, Hector killed the best friend of Achilles.

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Hector killed Patroclus

Having received the sad news of the death of Patroclus, Achilles suffered very much over his dear fellow's death. Thetis came to calm down the distressed Achilles. She then convinced Hephaestus to create a brand-new armor for her son, instead of the armor that Patroclus had been wearing which Hector took away after their fight.

Furious over the killing of Patroclus, Achilles again started to fight. He killed many Trojans and finally his rage and finally took Hector`s life.

Triumphant Achilles dragging Hector's lifeless body

Another aspect of quarrel between Achilles and Agamemnon

Fundamentally, the conflict between Achilles and Agamemnon was rooted in ego and pride.

Ancient Greek fight

The front-runner of the Achaean empire Agamemnon was one of those people for whom growth and invasion were of the highest importance. At the same time, Achilles was the bravest warrior ever and an excellent combatant. Thus, many challenges between them took place because when the former wanted to establish magnificence and influence, he could only achieve his aim through the heroic courage of the latter.

The quarrel between two prominent ancient warriors ended up becoming which one should exercise more power. Achilles believed in his glory on the battlefield and his sense of excellence. He always thought Agamemnon to be one who was only able to reap all the advantages of what other fighters have done. For his part, Agamemnon firmly believed that history would only remember kings and real leaders. Therefore, all warriors, including Achilles, had to understand this subjective grading.

Therefore, it was the real root of their quarrel because both of them were sure in their supremacy and their personal view of the pursuit of superiority.  

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