Why did this river in USA turn blue?

Who turned river in USA blue? Find out this amazing story of the sports’ victory celebration!

chicago river

Recently we have heard the news of two rivers turning red as blood, and one of them was in Russia. Now we hear of a river turning blue and it happened in USA. What caused it to change the color so dramatically?

chicago river blue

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River turned blue – why?

This is the Chicago River in USA. Last week Chicago city has gotten some amazing news. Its sports team Chicago Cubs won the national championship. This baseball team has done wonders on the field. And their fans decided to do something very special to honor them. For over hundred years this team did not have the chance to win and now they did it!

chicago cubs

So, what does the blue river have to do with it?

Well, the fans decided to use their favorite club color – blue – and use it on the Chicago River. They started dyeing it blue at 7 a.m. on Friday. By the noon the river turned brilliant blue, Cub’s blue! People from all over the places visited the city to see it and to take photos.

blue river

Surely, some of them got concerned about the safety of such a celebration. Could the paint kill or damage the water life? For now the consequences are unclear, but the fans did their best to use nature friendly paint to avoid any damage. Enjoy the photos.

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