Why do we need to cuddle?

Have you ever thought about the purpose of cuddle? This article will reveal all the reasons to hug someone and will tell you everything about cuddle benefits.

Sincere hugs

Hugs are very useful for health

All the life, almost every day we need to embrace somebody. We hug our friends and relatives, embrace partners at a meeting, and after separation we are hugging each other in order to express our joy or other emotions. It is believed - people who are willing to cuddle you want to experience the feeling of security, love and satisfaction.

Cuddle is important and necessary for at least two reasons:

• Embrace contribute to a feeling of security of the person

In the childhood, when we were ill or hurt, we immediately ran to the mother for comfort and affection and tried to cuddle up to her as stronger as possible. Everything became good and seemed not so terrible. When we grow up, it is still in our heart - to be a little child, and every person in every situation feels better if he is embraced.

The mental health of any person is connected with the tactile satisfaction of needs

People need to touch, even with a touch of a cat or a dog we can overcome the "tactile hunger". Single people often take pets for this reason - they lack tactile communication.
Scientists have found that when you touch a person, this action:

• stimulates the central nervous system;

• strengthens immunity system;

Embrace your partner

• increases level of hemoglobin in the blood;

• brain hypothalamus emits a blood hormone - oxytocin, which leads to good health and a positive attitude to the world.

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Parents are encouraged to hugging their small children as often as possible - this will help them develop better mentally and physically. A child, who received little affection at a tender age, may have later mental health problems and mental abnormalities.

Cuddle is great
Psychologists advise to hug your partner at least eight times a day for no reason. What’s more, cuddle is helping autistic patients and people, suffering from high anxiety, feel better. It does not matter whether the other person is a patient or body hugging is just a mechanical pressure.
Be a cuddle needy – make your nearest and dearest hug you to be healthy.

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