Why do we yawn? – 10 top facts for Nigerians

Yawning is contagious. Find out why you do it, how you do it and some fun facts on it to share with your friends.

Yawning is natural for many species and not only for humans. There have been many theories why we do it. Some of them seem to have more proofs than others. Let’s take a look at how yawning is performed and what it does to our bodies.

why do we yawn

How do we yawn?

how do we yawnWhen a person yawns, they open up the jaws wider. This provides better blood circulation in the brain and skull. Moreover, you inhale more air in and it goes through the nose and mouth. It touches many blood vessels, which lead to the brain and send the blood to the three key parts of it. That is the mechanics of yawning.

Why do we yawn?

There have been several theories there. One of them was about raising the level of oxygen in blood. However, there is no scientific proof of that. Finally, researchers concluded that yawning is the way of cooling and chilling your brain.

This organ consumes much energy and thus gets heated, just like your PC. It needs a cooler, but you happen to have none in your body. So, the yawning ventilates and chills your brain. The air touches the blood vessels, the blood in them gets cooled a bit and then it is taken to the brain. It affects the top centers there and makes you more able to go on living and doing what you do.

Obviously yawing is also a sign of your brain getting overheated and overworked. If you start doing that, it means you should take a break and chill out a bit. There even has been done an experiment on humans. A part of people were asked to hold hot package to their heads and it increased the rate of yawning by 41percent compared to those holding the cold packages. It proves yawning is related to the brain temperature.

So, why do humans yawn? It is related to the brain thermoregulation. But there are more fun facts about the oscitation (yawning) to learn.

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10 tops facts on yawning:

facts on yawning

  1. Even fetuses yawn
    They have been noticed to do that on the 20th week after the conception. That’s one of the skills they develop.
  2. Yawning is contagious
    You can start doing that, when you see others yawn or when you even  read or hear of it.
  3. A yawn lasts for six secs
    That is how long the average one lasts.
  4. You “catch” yawning from the loved ones
    If you are in the same room with relatives or the folks you like you are more prone to catch yawning from them.
  5. It is related to boredom
    The study indicated people do it more often, when they are bored. No wonder, because boredom does not shut down your brain. On the contrary it activates new zones. You may read about it in this article (сноска на статью о скуке)
  6. Pets also yawn
    Even birds do that!
    even pets yawn
  7. Too much of it may indicate a disease in the body
    It might be related to nervous system or heart problems.
  8. Yawns can be spontaneous and contagious
  9. We yawn 10 times per hour in average
  10. For monkeys it is a form of communication

Why do we yawn? No one really knows, although there are various theories and one or more of them might prove right. These facts on yawning might entertain you. They are fun and you may share them with your friends. 


Yawning is a contagious process. I doubt that this is so? If you look at the person who yawns – you will want to repeat his action. Moreover, how could you not resist it, to control this desire you can hardly. Similar happens to you, when you see on the TV screen of a person yawning, or reading a book, which describes how the hero yawned. In real life you will be very hard to resist not to repeat such movement. How is this possible? Psychologists have the explanation to it. There is an example of synchronization of group behavior, in other words, the yawning of one person triggers a chain reaction that involves all others, and the actions themselves synced. Something similar happens when people laugh. So, as laughter is contagious, so contagious yawning and...

Therefore, it is not surprising that if in your company someone yawning will yawn and you.

Answered 1 year ago.

I know, we yawn, when not have enough air. I was very interested in question, why it is so contagious. When I see person yawning, I repeat. If I see film, where yawn - too. I read about this - start yawn! Why is that? Scientists found, that during this process, there is special activity in areas of brain responsible for empathy. Based on these data, it was concluded that, looking at yawning person begin yawn more sensitive people, who can empathize. I do not know, how true this is, but it's interesting theory.

Answered 2 years ago.
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