Why kimchi is beneficial for our health?

Have you heard about this amazing dish called kimchi? Why it prevents cancer and stops aging process? Learn about various benefits of this Koran cabbage in this article!


What is kimchi? This is a low-fat and high-fiber meal which is available in every Asian store as well as healthy food stores in Nigeria. Kimchi is a red, fermented cabbage dish, which is cooked with radish, vinegar, garlic, chile peppers, a mix of salt and other spices.


These ingredients are fermented in a tightly closed jar and are subsequently served with rice, noodles or soups in every Korean’s household. This dish has many benefits, so you definitely need to try it!

1.    Produces shiny hair and radiant skin

 shiny hair and radiant skin

Kimchi is actually good for your outer appearance. You will look excellent because of the selenium, which keeps your skin and hair healthy. Additionally, it will help you to prevent wrinkles and stop aging process. Selenium is a relevant part of glutathione, a booster that reconstitutes vitamin C and preserves it.

2.    Reduces cholesterol levels

Reduces cholesterol levels

Kimchi is also helpful in decreasing cholesterol levels as well as reducing blood pressure.  This dish will prevent plaque build-up in the walls of your arteries. Therefore the stroke or cardiovascular diseases of any kind will not develop in your body.

3.    Slows down the aging process

aging process

Have you ever though why Koreans look so young? Their food is the primary reason for that. They eat kimchi in a significant amounts. This vegetable has one great benefit if you want to stay young. After two weeks of being fermented, it becomes rich in anti-oxidants, which lower the rate of aging the skin. Besides, it suppresses cell oxidation. As a result, you will look relaxed and carefree even if you are under stress.

4.    Prevents stomach cancer

 stomach cancer

Professor Miri Kim from Chungnam National University also came to one exciting discovery. Korean cabbage contains bio-chemicals such as isocyanate and sulfide. These chemicals help to detoxify heavy metals in liver, kidney, and small intestine. Moreover, they can prevent stomach cancer!

5.    Contains probiotics and healthy bacteria for the overall body wellness


Kimchi is fermented, like yogurt, therefore it is rich in lactobacilli. This is kind of health bacteria, which aids in the digestion process of your body. Also, the fermentation produced probiotics, which fight various infections.

6.    Encourages healthy body development and clear vision

6.    Encourages healthy body development and clear vision

If you consume two thousands of calories per day, then 100- gram portion of kimchi contains 18 % of you daily need in vitamin A. Vitamin A is antioxidant which helps to get rid of free radicals, which cause cancer. However, Korean cabbage has many other benefits. The same vitamin A also will develop a healthy body. Also, you should eat it as more as possible if you are pregnant, because it will grow healthy embryos. Kimchi is also good for your vision.

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7.    Prevents the occurrence of peptic ulcer

   Prevents the occurrence of peptic ulcer

A peptic ulcer is usually caused by Gram-negative bacteria, called Helicobacter pylori, which is found in the stomach. If you eat a lot of kimchi, you can stop its growth.  It happens because of the leuconostoc mensenteroides – the elements which kimchi contains. These elements produce dextrin, a substance which prevents the growth of Helicobacter pylori.

8.    Help to lose weight

Help to lose weight

One portion of kimchi, which is 150 grams, contains only forty calories. What is more important for losing weight, kimchi contributes to carbohydrate metabolism. Also, kimchi is rich in capsaicin,  which was found in chili peppers boosts metabolism and makes you use the excess energy in your body.

9.    Boosts immunity

Boosts immunity

According to the Professor Rina Yu from the University of Ulsan, kimchi makes immune cells more active and causes antibodies to be more abundant. If you eat food rich in cholesterol, it will cause 55 % cells immune activity; a regular diet can give 68%. However, if you stick to the high cholesterol diet plus kimchi, you will have 75 % immune cells activity.

Here is the video with a very easy recipe which will help you to make the most delicious kimchi!

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