Why laughter is necessary for us?

Why laughter is the best medicine? Why should we laugh more and what disease sense of humor can prevent? Find out seven scientifically proven reasons in this article!

man laughs

If you don’t have a sense of humor, you definitely should develop it! The scientific facts confirm that laughter is beneficial for your social, emotional and physical health. Here are seven reasons why you should laugh more.

couple laughs

1.    When you laugh, you are looking more attractive

According to the research results, men who have a good sense of humor are more attractive for women. Otherwise, when a woman laughs at the jokes of the guy, he founds her more attractive also. When you smile in some social situations such as parties, it helps you to feel more comfortable and broaden social circles.

Talking about the job interview, it is claimed that good sense of humor can help to get a job.

attractive laughter

2.    Laughter enables healthy function of blood vessels

It is proved that when you laugh a lot, it will help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and maintain a healthy endothelium. Besides, the laughter increases blood flow by the way of triggering the expansion or dilation of the tissue that forms the inner lining of blood vessels.

 Laughter enables healthy function of blood vessels

3.     Laughter strengthens the immune system

Everybody of us experiences stress very often. Stress increases the risk of hard disease and infectious illness. The positive life perception and a good sense of humor protect you from stress. As a result, your immune system will not be affected.

Laughter strengthens the immune system

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4.    Laughter lowers anxiety levels and stress

Laughter helps to see the funny side of adverse situations that in its turn increases coping capabilities in different circumstances. Additionally, humor helps to percieve problems from another perspective. How does it work? Humor promotes positive mood to cancel negative emotions and moderates destructive effect of stress on health. Finally, if you share your laugh with somebody else, you will make the mood of this person better.

Laughter lowers anxiety levels and stress

5.    Laughter improves your emotional health

Laugh releases dopamine by the way of triggering the brain’s emotional and reward centers. Dopamine helps to process emotional reactions and enhances the experience of pleasure. Also, laugh produces endorphins which induce euphoria and regulate stress and pain. Finally, humor releases serotonin, which lifts moods.

Laughter improves your emotional health

6.    Laughter is good for the respiratory system

Interesting to know, that Laughter Yoga has been developed. This Yoga style helps to recharge the body and control the mental state. It regulates the flow of life energy, including calmness, focus, and energy.

Why is it so effective? This type of yoga appeared because of the influence of laughter on the respiratory system.  It provides the easiest and fastest way of regulating flushing out the lungs and breathing. Prolonged laughter leads to the increase of oxygen consumption, heart rate, and respiratory rate. As a result, the air in lungs is replaced by oxygen and fresh air.  It is especially useful for the people who suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases.

laugh is good gor health

7.    It is essential for bonding and social interaction

The laughter appeared much earlier than people started to use speech. Therefore there are instinctive social signs which all people subconsciously use in social situations.

bonding and social interaction

Humor is the significant factor when it comes to the establishing of social bonds between groups of individuals. In addition, it plays the major role in regulating the conversation. Laughter is essential for the long-term relationships between man and woman.

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