Why men like women with big butts?

Why men find women with big butts attractive? What are scientifically proven reasons for that? Find out hot pictures of big butt in this article!

big butt kin kardashian

A woman’s butt is an essential part of woman’s body. This is the main attraction for many men. Almost all musical videos, pictures in social media focus on the big backside. Ladies, which have a little one, apply maximum efforts to make their butt larger. They go to the gym, keep a special diet or even wear padded pants.

It’s difficult to believe, but the reality is so that men love women with a big backside. Seeing such a woman on the street gets many men, both young and old fantasizing. However, sometimes the same feature can irritate them if not packaged properly. Although, many guys would ignore the facial features of a woman and rate her beauty using that part of her body and the curves she has.

bigg buttocks

So why do men lust after women with big butts? There are six reasons why they do it:

1.    Sexual position

It is natural that first thing which comes to the mind of the man who sees the girl with a big butt is to have sex with her. Different sexual ideas are starting to come to his mind, and he can’t stop thinking it. Of, course men like to try various sex positions, and they think that doggie style is the best one when it comes to the lady with a big backside. The reason is that in this position they can watch the collision between butts.

 Sexual position big butt

2.    Sexual fantasies

A woman with big buttocks can turn on almost every guy. When guys see the lady, they first look at her body and then on the face. So the butt is the first thing which they pay attention to. They analyze how soft it is to touch and how shapes are formed. For most men, the biggest achievement is to have sex with such woman. It’s like a trophy for them. They go wild with the desire when they imagine things which they can do with a girl with a big backside.

Sexual fantasies big butt

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3.    Pleasure to touch

All men enjoy touching big butts because it brings them a sense of satisfaction. It is very difficult to find the guy who likes bones jutting out of every angle. Furthermore, men prefer women with big buts so that they can hold it at the peak of sexual pleasure.  They like to feel soft butt and allow their hands to wander in hot places of woman’s body.

pleasure to touch

4.    It’s cool to have a lady with a big butt

Men enjoy when people stare at the big butts of their ladies because other guys will look respectfully at them. Most men lust after women like this because it adds to their self-esteem.

cool ladie big butt

5.    Ability to give birth to healthy children

It is proven that woman with big backside can produce healthy children. Actually, these ladies are thought to be healthy and full of live. It is natural that every man somewhere deep in his mind wants to find a woman who will give him many healthy children. This desire was formed thousands of years ago and exists nowadays.  So, if man sees the woman with a narrow waist and big butts, he subconsciously receives two messages.  The first one is that she is not pregnant because of her waist. And secondly, her broad hips mean that she can go through childbirth without problems.

Furthermore, big butt helps to develop child’s brain. The reason is that butts contain Gluteofemoral fat, which is found in the hips and tights. The Gluterofemoral fat is linked to breast milk which plays major role in development of the child’s brain

bigg but beautiful

6.    Big butt is popular

Men are very influenced by things they see in social media. It has a manipulative effect on them. Big buttocks are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays it is normal when ladies take pictures in positions that make their backside the primary focus of attention. The same with musical videos – most of them display women flaunting big butts and doing sings with it.

Big butt is popular

As a result, when men see such information in social media or on TV, they have plenty of ideas what they can do with that butt. So they start to want to have a woman with big butts in real life.  

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