Why Nothern Nigerian states are considered the poorest?

What is the reason of the poverty of Nothern Nigerian states?  What is done to overcome the poverty? Find out in this article!


According to Nigeria’s Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo about ten northern states remained the poorest in the country. He stated it on Saturday this week at the Northern Reawakening Forum.  It was organized to rebuild the 19 northern states affected by the insurgency. He also highlighted that the new administration is committed to repair the damages.


Presidental initiatives

Yemi Osinbajo disclosed that General TY Danjuma would supervise every presidential interventions and initiative. The aim of them is to rehabilitate Internally Displaced Persons in the nation. Vice President said there was a need for a unilateral approach to streamline all interventions including the Presidential Initiative on IDPs for better impact.


Government interventions

He also stresses that North bears most consequence of poverty. He is convinced that the top priority among all the interventions should be one meal daily for school children.

Vice President told that they have been working on interventions in the north east due to the immediacy of the crisis, but the problem of diseases and poverty were exacerbated by the Boko Haram insurgency.


In addtion, there are government interventions such as presidential initiative on the north east; victims support group among others. Now all of the federal government initiatives are now under the chairmanship of General TY Danjuma.

The level of poverty

In 19 northern states of Nigeria, human development indices show that they are poorer then other Nigerian States.


The Northern states occupy 70 per cent of our land mass, the highest infant mortality rate, the lowest number of children in school, the highest number of unemployed young people and the challenge of insecurity and religious crisis including Boko Haram.


Osinbajo also added that a nation of 170 million people, the sixth largest producer of oil, over a 100 variety of solid minerals and precious metals, thousands of arable land, largest economy in Africa yet desperately poor, over 110 million people extremely poor. Maternal mortality has taken over 55, 000 people in a year.


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Development programs

Alh. Kashim Shettima, the Borno State Governor, called for prompt sustainable development programs in the northern states in his remark.

There was urgent need to rehabilitate the victims and integrate them back to their original homes.He also said that the governors had agreed to work together to redevelopment the region. Shettima urged federal government to develop an all inclusive development plan to really address all challenges of the state and restore peoples’ hopes.


The highest death rate

Speaking earlier, Hon. Mohammed Umara, Chairman of the forum, stated that the north west and north east have the highest death rate.It concerns infants born within the first 28 days. In addition to that, the region also records lowest literacy level. Moreover, the poverty rate in 16 from 19 northern states has doubled since 1980.

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