Why sarcastic people are considered smart?

Why people who like sarcastic jokes are cleverer than those who don’t like it? Why sarcasm is useful for health of brain? Read the article to learn the most interesting facts about sarcastic people.

Sarcastic definition

Sarcastic definition

Someone says that sarcasm is only a way to touch people around, a protective reaction of an organism. But researches have already proved that fans of sarcastic jokes are clever and eloquent people. And here are 10 reasons, which prove it.

  • Sarcasm helps to learn other people better.

According to psychologists, our ability to understand feelings and emotions of other people is directly connected with ability to distinguish sarcasm. So it is useless to lie to such people – it's like to deal with psychic.

  • Sarcasm is a sign of smart people.

Researches show that to understand sarcasm, the brain has to work more actively. And it means that sarcastic people think far better.

  • Sarcastic people perfectly solve problems.

The brain does its best, so such person is capable to think up the solution of some problem quicker than the others. So you know to whom to go in case of apocalypse.

sarcastic people

  • They have key skill for communication.

As the linguists claim, sarcasm is a nearly main language in modern society. Sarcastic people always are in the center of attention, and they shouldn't miss aside.

  • Fans of sarcasm are tough.

Sarcastic people are rather clever not to take everything very much to heart. They cannot only stand under blow, but also are capable to throw down a challenge. Such person is difficult to be presented in the form of victims, isn't it?

  • Sarcasm is useful for health of brain.

According to researches of neuropsychologists, if the person isn't capable to pick up the sarcastic answer, it can become a disturbing call about the developing disease in a brain. Train in sarcastic statements more and you will be healthy.

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  • Sarcastic interlocutor helps his friends and relatives become cleverer.

Constantly communicating with people around, fans of sarcasm begin to exert impact on a brain of people around. So if you go shopping together, watch TV or you are engaged in something else, your brain works quicker, than usually, managing to understand smart people jokes of the interlocutor.

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  • Masters of sarcasm can send to knockout with one word.

There are not equal persons in a wordy warfare to fans of sarcasm, and if someone offends them, he will regret about it very much — sometimes words can wound far stronger than a fist.

  • They can slightly offend and force to burst out laughing at the same time.

'You know, I climbed on top of food chain not to become vegetarian, but I can make an exception for you' — this is the phrase, which can seem amusing. But then you ask yourself: 'So he has just offended my way of life or I should say 'thanks'?'

  • They have friends who really love them.

Sarcasm is an excellent check for friendship. Not everyone will sustain a squall of infinite catches and witty statements. Perhaps, it isn't so simple to be on friendly terms with the sarcastic person, but it is very cheerful, and over time it is possible already to exchange mutual jokes, which will be understood only by you.

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