Why we cannot deny that mermaids are real?

We all know the legends about mermaids. But is there a chance that they really exist? Find out in this article!


We have been told stories about mysterious creatures since our childhood. At first we didn’t ask ourselves “do mermaids exist?” because we believed in all fairytales.

However, later we heard from our parents that all of that was just a story made up by the real people.

For many of us it was a huge disappointment but we forgot about it quite soon. It might be surprising but there are still people who believe in mermaids and who do certain investigations to prove it to others.

Right now science doesn’t recognise such thing as real mermaids. But if we look in the old books we will have a specific idea of how those creatures are supposed to look like.

Most people describe them as girls with human bodies who have long fish tails instead of legs.

Moreover, not only girls can be mermaids. The ancient mermaid stories also include the guys with mermaid tails.

There is an idea that they were once humans forced to live in the water and that’s why they developed those huge tails so that they can move under water more easily.


The mermaids are very popular among kids nowadays as there are a lot of cartoons and movies made on this topic. It makes them the integral part of the modern culture.

Those myths are very exciting both for the younger and older generations because the folklore of every country in the world mentions mermaids.

It’s obvious that the details in the stories are different and that’s what makes it unique. You can read and compare the legends to find out which one you like the best. What is more, the mermaid stories are at least 10 centuries old!

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The very first culture to mention these mysterious sea creatures was Assyrian. Once there was a goddess Atargatis who was a really positive character.

But when she made a mistake and murdered an innocent person she couldn’t live with it anymore. That’s why she punished herself by turning into a mermaid who would become a lonely sea inhabitant.

This is the reason why all the latest mermaid legends end in a tragic and sad way. And a lot of cultures describe mermaids as dangerous creatures.

But nowadays we don’t think like that about mermaids. Thanks to the latest fairytales for children, movies and cartoons we only imagine them being happy living in the bottom of the ocean.

We tend to think of them as being more humans than the animals under the influence of media. Moreover, modern mermaids have sometimes a power to turn into humans!


So is it all just the old folklore stories made up for children? Turns out no! Mermaid evidence has been found in a lot of different places all around the planet Earth.

Even though now scientists have great technical equipment, people started seeing mermaids a really long time ago.

In fact, the explorers who lived a few centuries ago also noted that they saw the signs of mermaids. They mentioned different names and maybe some of their descriptions were a little bit different, but there was definitely something unusual in the sea.

There is no certain explanation but we can’t deny that if scientists didn’t believe the facts it doesn’t mean that the existence of mermaids is untrue.

What is more, there is a group of scientists who is trying to really investigate this problem to provide us with a certain answer. But it’s obvious that in some cases sailors who claim to have seen the sea creatures can be lying or misunderstanding.

Do you think that the existence of mermaids or similar creatures can be absolutely true? What if the explorers just don’t want us to know the truth?


We might actually have some evidence that the fact that they are real is not a lie. Even though some people might laugh at these facts and consider them fake, the others would sincerely believe everything.

It’s up to you whether you are going to agree or not.

Hawaii is a place where some of the mermaids are believed to be found. We can’t be sure if their bodies are completely the same as of those described in books.

But a lot of native people notice something weird in the waters quite often. The government keeps silence and the authorities avoid discussing this topic.

However, not a while ago everyone got pretty scared and excited at the same time as there was a weird creature found on the Hawaiian beach. Its body was similar to the human but it had a fish tail!

But of course the face and breasts looked very different as living underwater requires the body deformation.

The government was scared that the citizens would start to panic so they did everything they could to get rid of the body as soon as possible.

But there were a couple people who made the mermaid pictures which now can be the proof of their existence. They might be different from those described in the ancient legends but they are definitely similar to them.

Most of the other evidences can’t be presented as facts because authorities claim it to be fake. But as we can’t get enough information about it, we start to doubt that there is no such thing as mermaids living underwater.


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