World Biggest Anaconda

Did you know what the world biggest anaconda is? Read this article to find out!

Snakes are the creatures that few people like to look at and of course almost no one wants to touch it. The hugest snake is anaconda; and there’s no surprise that the world biggest anaconda is in Africa.


The majority of people are not likely to express any positive feelings seeing a snake in the woods. But do not forget that different snakes have different sizes.

 In the forests you’re more likely to see the viper. But world biggest anaconda is found in Amazon, which is also quite obvious. However, the biggest snake in the world actually lives in fairly remote places.

Tourists are not likely to see it. However, it is still an amazing creeping giant.

The biggest snake

Let's start with the most interesting facts. Usually these snakes are 5-6 meters long. But sometimes there are even 9-meter creatures. World biggest anaconda size was 11.43 meters.

And even though it was impossible to save its life, its length was documented. Currently the 9-meter anaconda which is in the New York Zoological Society is considered to be the longest.

biggest snake

You can know it’s anaconda not only by its huge size. The important characteristic is also its gray-greenish colour. It also has brown spots on the back and yellow spots on the sides. It's almost perfect camouflage for the snakes.

This way they are accustomed to watch their victims sitting in the water. No one can see them because they have the same colour as the leaves. The world biggest anaconda pics are really scary.


Because of the inaccessibility of anaconda’s habitats, there’s no exact number of them in the world known.

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Basically, these giant snakes live in the quiet backwaters of the Amazon and the Orinoco. You can’t see them outside the water very often.

Where do they live?

In the old literature you could find the name "water boa". It’s because it really is one of the subspecies of boas.

biggest anaconda

They also spend most of their lives in the water. But they still have their own name - a giant anaconda.


If the water where anaconda lives dries up and it can’t find any suitable places nearby, it still has another option. The snake buries itself in the mud and falls into a kind of hibernation until the rainy season begins.

The biggest snake in the world can’t have a normal life far from water.

Even when anaconda drops off its old skin, it does it in water. It just rubs against the river bottom and slowly pulls off the old cover.

Anaconda itself is not poisonous.  It is squeezing its victims very hard. Animals can’t escape from it.  The human being also has a risk of being killed by it. But you can try to catch the tail of the snake before it squeezes you. The trainers at the circus do the same thing.

world biggest anaconda

But there’s no guarantee that it will help. Anaconda is a lot bigger than any snake in circus. By the way, the female anacondas are much larger and stronger than the male ones.

The biggest snake in the world hunts the helpless animals, trapping them in the water. But it's not just tapirs, capybaras and the herbivores! There were times when the biggest anaconda killed a jaguar!

Of course, only the huge snakes are able to kill that kind of predator. In addition, they also often kill birds and other snakes.  Once an anaconda strangled and swallowed the 2.5-meter python. Anaconda can also eat the weaker anaconda.

 It’s just called the survival of the fittest.

Hunter and victim


There is a misconception that anacondas flatten their victims, break their bones and damage the organs. This is not true. The “embrace” of anaconda is not intended to break something.

They just want the victim to be blocked from oxygen. So all the victims die from the suffocation.

There’s nothing that can threaten anaconda’s life. Only few predators can kill it.

The biggest snake in the world is described in many books.  It’s also often seen in the Hollywood movies.


Anaconda or as it is accepted to call it a giant Anaconda is one of the most popular snakes for photos and movies, due to his appearance. And she lives in a tropical part of South America.Anacondas live in such remote places, such as: swamps, rocky terrain and dense forests. Most often it can be found in ponds, or near rivers. When dry periods come, the snake buries itself in the wet soil and becomes dormant until the next heavy rainfall.

It is because of hard to reach places, home to anacondas's hard for scientists to tell its number and determine its danger to humans. About Anaconda little is known, but all are sure that this huge snake, or rather the biggest snake in the world, the average size of which is about 5-6 meters in length and weight up to 80-100 kg. But for some reason its size is exaggerated. They say that the snake can reach 11 meters in length.

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