World’s poorest president: who is he?

Where does the poorest president in the world live? Find out his amazing story.

 Mujica Cordano

Can a president be poor? Well this country got lucky. They have the citizen #1, who really cares about his people and country’s wellbeing. Learn who he is and where he lives.

Who is the poorest president in the world?

His name is Mujica Cordano and he rules in Uruguay. For now, he has been in charge of the country for over 5 years, and he is the president #40. Why is he the poorest and what is so special about him?

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 Mujica Cordano president

For one, he decided not to use a costly presidential residence. Instead, he lived on the farm. His official salary amounts to over 12 000 US dollars, but he uses only 1 tenth of the money for his personal use. The rest of it he gives away to the poor and to starting small entrepreneurs to help them run their businesses.

In the past, he was a part of a violent gang and spent a term in prison (over 14 years). This time changed him and made him revise his values. As a president, he is highly supportive of the poor, but at the same time, he has made various controversial decisions, such as supporting the same-sex marriage and legalization of marijuana.

He also refused the fancy cars and still drives Volkswagen Beetle (1987). This president is the poorest in the world and one of the most remarkable personages on the political arena. 

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