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What Did He Say?

After seeing ur jokes i dunno if u'll find this funny.

2 women had a son each.

After 2 weeks the first woman rushes up excitedly to the second woman's house and says: "my baby just said his first word and i'm so excited".

The second woman's SON responds: "yeah, what did he Say?"

Get it?

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Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

Love at First Sight: Do you believe in it?

Initially I counted this[b] love at first sight[/b] [phenomenom] to be madness or infatuation, but I was later trapped in it.

My current girlfriend, I felt in love with her the first day I set my eyes on her and I was forced to tell her, but there was fire. The first thing she said was that I am crazy. To be sincere, I accepted the insult to be the fact. [I agree that] I was being really crazy to tell a girl I was seeing for the first time that I have tender affection for her. She was even the one that bailed me out, because the way she saw me staring at her after what she said to me she came and said we can be ordinary friends but as time goes on she realized I was not joking when I expressed my feelings to her.

Isn't this funny? Please, all guys out there if you find yourself in such situation, do not hinder expressing it!

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