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Modern Day Africa's Gift To The World, What Is It?

Alright, this is not a mockery of our continent, but was quite curious as to the contributions of Africa to this present day age. Now, I am not referring to the remnants of civilization of Egypt or the warrior kings of the past that made history in Global politics. But I am referring to this present day age, whereby people can remark that "this gift came from Africa", instead of fostering the impression (true or false) of Africa as a neglected child with an empty bowl soliciting for funds.

The Chinese are famous for their cuisine. Rated the most popular take over food franchise in the USA (even more popular than Pizza), Chinese rise has garnered a huge following, extending towards nearly all races. Salsa Dance of Latin America has made its inroads in gyms, while Capitalism of the USA, is famous for minting millionaires, perhaps more than any other country in the world. Australia is known for her spectacular beauty and the Jews while sparse in population, nevertheless have a huge presence in movies and Television.

And Africa? Fill us in.

Kente cloth? How popular is it?

Our food? Do we have a restaurant that is well known abroad?

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