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Is Nigeria a Nation indeed?

Considering the situation of the country, I have been thinking, meditating and interviewing the people that constitute the Nation Nigeria to find out if Nigeria is indeed a Nation. I could not fix where our Leader got it wrong, keeping Nigeria as Nation. I have seen people of different ideas, cultures, Languages and a Nation where some are majority and others are minority. Are we not all just staying together and not Living together?

Must you belong to a GROUP where you worked for everything and no dividends of being part of such a GROUP. So to what justification, please somebody to help me out here and give a genuine reson why our leader keep Nigeria as a Nation.

Are we really a Nation?

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Would You Advise Working Abroad?

I was chatting with someone this night and he asked me if I intended to return to Nigeria after my studies. 'Definitely,' I replied without even thinking. Now that's very different from what most people think. Running away from Nigeria after getting your degree abroad doesn't say well of you -- that's plain cowardice or shall I say greed? The aim of learning [to me] is to contribute to the good of Nigeria.

When our well-trained personnel go on a mass exodus to other countries, we lose a lot of brainpower. Funnily it's still these people who complain about mediocre standards.

Let's face it sha -- Nigeria can be frustrating. Our leaders seem to deliberately set out to kill talent. It requires determination but I'm not suggesting it's going to be easy. Together, we can build a better Nigeria.

Let me know what you guys/girls think about this issue.

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