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Unexpected Pregnancy: Whose Decision Is It?

I firmly believed that both people involved should make the decision to keep a pregnancy, i.e. both the mother and father. Women out there feel like it doesn't matter what the man feels or thinks or what he is going through. All they think about is whether they want the child, yet when the child is here they want the man to contribute financially and emotionally. Men on the other hand have given up and are held at the mercy of the woman i.e their future is up to the woman and of course the legal system. A child affects two people's lives financially and mentally. If two people make a child and two people are responsible for a child then isn't it only fair that both people involved should decide on whether to keep a child?.

There are some women who try and trap men and when the man doesn't stay with them they destroy him in court. I mean, if you decide to get pregnant on purpose to get a man then you should take care of the child on your own because no one has the right to decide another person's future.

On the other hand men shouldn't have unprotected sex with a person they wouldn't want to have a child with. Now, i know there are horrible men out there who ruin it for the good guys and I'm not justifying men who want a child and then change their mind when the child is like 2 yrs old.

So, what do y'all think: should both people involved jointly make the decision to keep a pregnancy or can a woman do whatever she feels like doing

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