Advantages and Disadvantages of foreign relations

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some of the advantages and disadvantages of an open relationship.


In such relationships, the partners do not have any obligations, duties, prohibitions, responsibility to each other. Accordingly they have no complaints, resentments, jealousy and other problems of ordinary couples.

Available relationship involves personal growth. As always, daily and hourly, we must strive to be the best to partner tomorrow and wanted to be with you.

You can at any time to end the relationship without explanation. Just didn't want to continue and all.

Partners sometimes sex on the side, flirt, easy change of partners.


The inability to take responsibility and build long-term relationships with a partner.

To overcome a sense of ownership and jealousy, often genetically fixed, very difficult and not always possible to avoid quarrels and scandals.

Such relationships seldom are considered Mature and are often not accepted by society. Many are looking for an open relationship negatively, and consider them immoral. So be prepared that You may not take your loved ones and family.

Free relations destroyed the basis of the understanding of marriage. But often, one partner may fall in love and want more. If one of the partners will change their desire (want family, children, a house, stability), the other to satisfy them will not and the relationship will fall apart.

A similar relationship was not originally long. But there is a risk to bond with people and to experience mental anguish at break.

Open relationship do not involve any difficulties and challenges, so people in an open relationship is absolutely not able to overcome the difficulties of family life.

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