Any prescribe medicine to increase my libido?

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The most famous libido enhancers of herbal origin are:

Folk remedies for improving libido in men

Impaza is a homeopathic remedy for the stimulation and stabilization potency. Side effects in Impaza virtually no, the drug is not addictive.

Vuka-Vuka contains a complex of plants. This product is a dietary Supplement, so the application are more preventive in nature.

Wanders in herbal (natural viagra) contains a unique collection of plants that increase libido.

Sealex Forte is an integrated drug contains extracts of yohimbe bark, ginseng, green tea extract, licorice, bark, Serenoa, garlic. Since ancient times these plants were used in the recipes of different Nations with the aim of increasing men's endurance and strength. Recommended as a tonic for men, improves the functional condition of the genitourinary system.

Leviton – natural remedy, containing Rhaponticum. The drug contains a hormone phytosteroids ecdysteron. Able to enhance libido, increase strength, accelerate muscle growth and overall endurance.

Tribulus. Its action is based stimulating natural testosterone production, which increases libido and maximizes the blood flow in the genital area. Dosage of dietary supplements containing Tribulus, should not exceed 1250 mg / day. The optimal dose is about 750 mg per day.

Damian. Turner spreading can enhance the sensitivity of the penis by creating a feeling of light inflammation in the urethra. In addition, Damiana has a mild antidepressant effect, is therefore able to treat cases of sexual dysfunction caused by emotional problems.

Ginkgo biloba. This herb increases the flow of oxygen to the heart and brain, improves circulation to all parts of the body without increasing blood pressure, is an effective antidepressant, increasing the level of endorphins dopamine.

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