Bombshell! How do you like a transparent church dress that broke the Internet?

Sexy or disgusting? Transparent dress almost without underwear to go to church? Is this real? Read the article and find out the truth and a little bit more about church dress etiquette?


It’s absolutely shocking! The woman – her name isn’t revealed – managed to opt for wearing a church maxi dress almost without underwear. The world community couldn’t leave this as it is, so her photos were published in the Internet to attract attention of such behavior and to prevent further similar deeds.

Generally, it is up to you to decide whether a woman, putting on a transparent dress material, in church can look SEXY or AWFULLY?

It looks as if she is going to club in a hot transparent dress, instead of going to church, isn’t it? What are your thoughts?

Church dress

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According to the church dress code and etiquette, you are allowed to put on dresses or long gowns. However, they shouldn’t be made of transparent material. What’s  more, your blouses should be long-sleeved or collared ones. Improper attire also includes sleeve less or plunging necklines. No low-cut blouses or bare back and belly, exposed midriff.

Church etiquette doesn’t imply wearing spaghetti straps and tank tops, short skirts or skimpy shorts. You are recommended to put on corporate attires, office or school uniform. This way you are expressing your attitude to the church, its representatives and your gratitude.

Your jeans or trousers needn’t to be tight-fitting or low-waist pants, it would be better to put on slacked one. Shorts of any kind are forbidden to wear! For men it’s important to know that they can’t wear T-shirts without sleeves or sando, jersey top, caps. It is possible to wear a polo shirt.

The main rule – covered shoulders and bottom wear needs to cover the knee - for both sexes. Speaking about your shoes – it isn’t worth wearing slippers or sport shoes.

The topic of modesty – is extremely important nowadays. We should know where modern and fashionable mini-skirts, tiny bikinis, skimpy dresses are suitable and proper and where, wearing them, you will look like a clown, or shameless.

Some of us may consider these rules as old-fashionable or out-of-date, but still there are some places where it is needed for them to exist. Such issue is obligatory to be told to our children. Bear in mind!

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