Community in Enugu state suffered from armed hoodlums

What happened in the Enugu state? Who is the victim of the horrible accident? Learn the latest news from Enugu state in this article!

nugu state suffered from armed hoodlums

On Wednesday, August 24 the unknown hoodlums stormed a community in Enugu state. They attacked Obiagu, the area with high concentration of people and killed one person.

Later, two hoodlums were arrested by police after the gun battle.

Who is the victim?

The killed person was a middle-aged man, who was a popular bus driver in the area. His name was Ayaka. A witness told that the group of ten gunmen attacked the Obiagu at 17:00. First, they fired several shots into the air and after that shooted few times at Ayaka who was drinking at a bar. The gunmen only stopped to shoot when he was sure that Ayaka is dead.


People started to panic because of the loud gunshot sounds. Many of them fled in different directions to find the safe place. After that the group of hoodlums escaped in Sienna mini bus and two Toyota Camry cars.

the gunmen

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Shootout with the police

The hoodlums were engaged in a shootout with the police command of Enugu state. It happened in Independence Layout, along the Bisalla road.  Later on, Ebere Amaraizu, the spokesman of the Enugu state told that two gunmen were killed in that shootout, and two were arrested.

Shootout with the police

Watch the video to learn the details of this accident.

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