Do hair transplants work?

Did you ever think of hair transplantation? Read the article about it.

Beautiful hair, isn't it?

Hair is just a sore subject for girls in Nigeria! A girl can, of course, do not care about them at all, but then they would grow not longer than 3-4 cm, they will be confused and will not grow. They still have to cut them even shorter. Some girls do not bother and simply shave their heads under 1 cm, and on some holidays simply dress wigs. Fortunately, they are sold on every corner and worth a penny.

But fashionable girls all are taking care of their hair. If a girl wants to grow hair about 15 centimetres, they should smooth out their hair with a special tool called hair relaxer. This tool resembles a hair mask and is sold everywhere, but it includes harsh chemicals, which does not improve, and spoils the hair structure. Only the hair, "relaxed" with this relaxer can be braided and combed. The smell of the fund is absolutely disgusting.

Girls wash their hair once a month, otherwise, it may break. Then hard "undercoat" will grow, and the girl will stay with "hair" in the 1 centimetre. So everything that grows, they are also "soften" once a month.

See the difference?

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And women often do special African hair extension. It is harmless in comparison with ordinary hair extensions, in contrast to the hot extension, when the hair is glued with capsules of strange hair. Africans just weave dense "dragons" all over the head in different directions. And then they saw strands of long hair. They can be removed and used again. It is possible to extension artificial hair, but then it will be combed badly and head will sweat profusely. Artificial hair is usually discarded after removal. It is preferable to increase the natural, but it is more expensive. You can buy a good human hair for 7000 nairas per pack of Indian or Peruvian hair.

By the way, a few years ago appeared on the Internet photos on the theme of "Naomi Campbell going bald." She was not bald; she just was using special lace wig.

Lace wigs they are wigs on the thinnest basis which look completely like a human hair. They are firmly glued to the hairline and are removed only using the special solvent (girls can dance, work for long hours of concerts and filming under the hot spotlight, swim, etc.). The line of joint of wig and skin is invisible to the naked eye and is carefully disguised creams or makeup, so it's impossible to guess that a luxurious head of hair is not a native of its owner.

Or something like that?

This wonderful mesh firmly adheres to the skin of the forehead, the excess of the grid is cut off, and the joint line is masked with creams and voila! a luxurious mane is ready! For a more convincing effect and validity on a lace mantle there are light vellus hairs which after glueing the wig look completely natural.

So, you can understand that hair extension is very beautiful and safe way for African women to become more attractive. But it also has some disadvantages, so first of all, you should decide what is better for yourself.

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