Girls! Need reasons to leave him?

One of the major problem that ladies face is to judge a guy based on his character. Why?. Because some guys give ladies some kind of mixed feelings,there by making it hard for the lady to judge maybe the guy truly loves her or he is just intrested in her assets (body). The following tips will help you know maybe the guy truly loves you or just your assets. 1. If he is too fund of touching you. This is a sign that he is just intrested in your body. 2. If you don't appear in his future plans then he is just fooling you. 3. If he doesn't discuss your future with you, he is just a player. 4. If he only always discuss sex related issues with you then he is a motherfucker. 5. If he never care about your decision stop seeing him. 6. If refusing him sexual session always result between you, leave him. 7. If he tells you to take a few naked pictures of you, he doesn't love you. 8. If he always wish to bend you to his will, he is not ideal. 9. If your feelings doesn't concern him, run. 10. If he tells you to worship him, leave him.

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I think you should not start or continue a relationship with a guy who doesn't show you care, gives you its warmth. if the guy is selfish and a tyrant and can even raise his hand to you, you do not need to be with that person. because such people love only themselves and are unlikely to ever be able to change. also don't need to endure change, it is necessary to leave such a person. who has betrayed you, because he will continue to do what he would not say beautiful words, and not hang noodles on the ears.

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