Glo ambassadors – 10 top in Nigeria

Love celebrities? Find out which ones of them have gotten the contracts with Glo this year.

There is a company In Nigeria named «Globacom», which is a major telecommunications firm. This private organization has been operating since 2003 and it brings together employees from four countries, including Nigeria. Persons of this company are the so-called GLO ambassadors, which turned out to be the three dozens of people. We will talk about the ten most popular ones.

Glo ambassadors

The essence of the organization and the mission of the Ambassadors

Glo ambassadors 1The main purpose of these people is to represent the company and, at the same time, the country to which it belongs. Indirectly these ambassadors work as an advertisement. Of course, they do not cooperate with the organization on a voluntary basis, they get paid. However, this does not prevent the audience, potential clients, and the stars themselves to have a positive attitude to the company. The organization is completely private. It belongs exceptionally to Nigeria, despite the work in three more countries. The company offers very competitive rates and, in fact, monopolized the telecommunication’ system. The firm also supplies mobile communications and works as a mobile operator.

Activity of the company

Glo ambassadors – in NigeriaThe Globacom company is actively engaged in sponsorship. It cooperates with various events, especially sports ones. The firm supports local football and athletic teams. You may often see sponsoring various festivals. By the way, the sponsorship of the company is carried not only in Nigeria, but in the other three countries where its activity develops. Not long ago, the company has become one of the main supporters of the famous football club named "Manchester United". The company at own expense trains promising players from Nigerian team, as an added bonus to this supportive activity.

So who are they?

Most of ambassadors are famous media persons. They can be singers, TV presenters, artists, actors and other representatives of creative professions with easily recognizable faces. The top 10 most profitable among them, are in the list ofGLO ambassadors:

  1. Glo ambassadors OmawumiOmawumi – talented girl, singer, actress and songwriter. A native Nigerin. She is very active in promoting her own career and she is the face of several well-known companies, including the GLO. The singer has released her own album, which had an extraordinary success in her homeland. She was also noted in the performances with famous local musicians, some of which also appeared in the list.
  2. Sammie Okposo – Nigerian singer in the genre of gospel. He is the holder of many awards. In addition to the vocal, he is also famous for his inspiring speeches. In addition, the singer teaches vocal art and plays on several musical instruments. A number of albums published under his authoring, each of which had a success.
  3. Glo ambassadors John Okafor John Okafor is an actor. His main specialty is a comedy. This well-known comedian in the country actively stars in films. His main studio is the Nigerian’s analogue of Hollywood, Nollywood. The image of John is a classic picture of the comedian nerd who gets into funny situations all the time.  Series of films were filmed with his participation about the adventures of a character that was created by analogy with the British Mr. Bean.
  4. Ayodeji Makun – another Nigerian actor and singer. After graduating from university, he manifested himself as a talented producer and organizer of events. That's why he went to the advancement in this sphere. At the moment, this talented young man has established himself as a skilled actor of comedy, as well as an attentive and careful organizer.
  5. Glo ambassadors Mama GMama G is a woman with a very complex, confusing and incredible destiny. She experienced a lot, having been born before the liberation of Nigeria from the colonialists. And then made herself to become one of the most respected and recognizable people in the world of art. She has received numerous awards as an actress. And loving husband and a great family – as a woman and as a mother. According to words of the actress, everyone who helped her in her long life, became a member of her family. She is one of the most aged of the project of GLO Nigeria.
  6. D'Bahj is one of the most famous artists outside the country. One of his recent hits entered almost all the world's charts, which only added to his popularity. Artist tries not to forget his roots. So in his songs we hear very clearly the motives of national music, artfully blended with contemporary electronic. Critics predict a great future for the singer not only in the show business, but also with respect to his ideas of another business organization.
  7. Glo ambassadors P-SquareP-Square is a duo who also originated from Nigeria. Two twin-brothers sing in the genre of rap and hip-hop. In life, as on the stage, they are almost inseparable. After the marriage, they both bought houses, each for his family, exactly opposite each other. Such unity delights and we assure you that the duo will continue to exist for a long time, as a creative family tandem.
  8. Wizkid is one of the youngest performers. The genre of his songs is hip-hop, which has become a new tradition for the locals. Singer began his career at 11 years. Lot of time has passed since then that he spent on the development of his music and himself. Artist gives concerts outside the country too. He organized his own label, recording studio, which employs many of his friends and colleagues.
  9. Glo ambassadors Bovi Ugboma Bovi Ugboma began his career about ten years ago. Then he was just an assistant, but now he is an independent developing artist. He acts mainly in the genre of comedy, as well as in films and does the stand-ups. Several years ago, the actor made his one-man comedy show, where he successfully realizes himself as an actor, comedian, stand-upper, as well as a writer and lyricist.
  10. Ini Edo is the young actress who despite the age has already achieved a lot. She has participated in beauty contests and won many titles. In addition, she was a nominee for the awards as Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best comedy role and several more. The actress is one of the most popular actresses in Nollywood studio.

There are still at least two dozen of participants who are ambassadors of the company. All of them are singers, musicians, lyricists, performers and talented people after all. There is no official rating of the company from the most unintelligible to the most popular artists. The organization appreciates all of them equally.

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All ambassadors are known in Nigeria and neighboring countries, and some are worldwide. The company does not limit them not by age, not by amount of awards nor experience on the stage. It also has no claims on appearance, style or manners of expression of their talents. The only thing that unites all these people is their love for creativity and popularity. Being GLO ambassadors is not only a profitable but also a honorary title. After all, it means that opinions of these people are valued.

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Mobile operator GLO in Nigeria must, in my opinion, the most reliable telecommunications company that are able to provide quality service to its customers. More recently, I heard about this company a little bit, but today GLO is developing incredibly quickly, the company arranges not only promotions, discounts and bonuses to its clients but also invite the stars of Africa, including from Nigeria for the organization of various charity concerts. I believe that within a few years, the company GLO will be able to enter the international market, where safely, will manifest himself as a great provider of mobile communications and other means of communication.

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