Guys, Will You Still Continue The Marriage After You Discover She Did This?

HER VIRGINITYYou met and dated a girl when youwere in the University, she was avirgin when you met her, and youboth agreed not to have sex untilyour wedding night. The two of u becamegraduates but were joblessfor 4yrs. However, after many years ofsuffering, she later secured a job foryouin one Big Company where you werepaid close to N900,000 per month. Thingswere now going well with youn you finally proposed marriage toher, she accepted but after a fewsec, tears began rolling down hercheeks. You asked her what theproblem was and what you heard was..."I AM SORRY LOVE, M NO LONGER AVIRGIN, I GAVE MY VIRGINITY TOYOUR BOSS BEFORE HE ACCEPTEDTOEMPLOY YOU IN THE COMPANY. THAT'S THEONLY CONDITION HEGAVE ME IF YOU MUST BE EMPLOYEDOR YOU WOULD CONTINUE TOREMAIN JOBLESS"Hmmm.!Assuming you were the guy, would youstill go ahead with thewedding.?And as a lady, can u do such for yourlove.?LETS HEAR UR OPINION..........

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