Has fire in Kanu destroyed the entire Kurmi market?

Did you hear about the latest fire in Kanu state? Read the article to learn details about it.

The latest Kano news has shaken many people in Nigeria. There was very large destruction in the state.

fire in Kanu

On Tuesday, April 26 there was a fire in Kurmi market. About 95 shops were destroyed. As a result of accident, one person died of asthma and one more was seriously wounded. The public fire service extinguished the burning, which has happened at ten o'clock evenings. Authorities continue investigations to learn the exact reasons of emergence of ignition center.

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Kurmi market

It became not the first casualty in Kano state. On March 31, at least 30 shops were burned as a result of night fiery accident. Their cost made millions of naira. By the time of arrival of fire service, there was practically nothing left to save from shops. Firefighters assume that it was begun by the person who wanted to burn sawdust. One large incident took place in November, 2015. It was explosions caused by radical Islam people of Boko Haram. More than 20 people have died as a result.

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