How actors create emotions?

What do you know about how actors create emotions. Can you make actors and emotions in yourself?

How actors create emotions

How actors create emotions? It`s quite difficult to create emotions for somebody. Therefore, not everyone is eager to become an actor. Emotions always include facial expression, body posture, a tone of voice and many other small things that you can hardly memorize in one time.  It means that actors have their money not only for memorizing the lines but also acting out the emotions. Therefore, if you find that you have talents to create these emotions, then you would need to follow simple steps for these. You would need a short guide about how actors and emotions are connected with each other.

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Think about acting much like an artist or an actor. Therefore, you would need to work out a certain mentality state for your story or character. This might be the only way to start a sensation.

Actors create emotions with visualization and scene the problem. They think why does character react to the problem like that. Who is the person who act this emotion, like his/her main characteristics: body movements, tone, posture, age, register – all of that can builD the exact character needed for an actor. It can be easy to act the character which quite looks like you. Nevertheless, you should understand that acting is like wearing the mask, you should take the mask afterward.

Practice a lot your character. How actors create emotion? They stand in front of a mirror and practice a lot of their character. They play with the register of their voice and have some new poses and gestures. It can help you make you character realistic and not overly critical.

You would need to convey yourself to believe that you are the character. You need to try to build a story for your character. Try to live his/her story through yourself that`s how actors create emotions for life. The great actors always try not to act but to live their characters.

You need to understand that conveying emotions is not just a case of one word. It`s connected with everything, like pose and gestures. Try to make your character believable and realistic for yourself. Any gestures and postures might help it to be more realistic.

Studying can be one of the most important parts of acting. Actors create emotions not from themselves at the first time. They need to study a lot for understanding their characters. It means that they need to study not only the art of acting but also its characters.

The Character can show everything about creating emotions. You need to live the life of your character and to live like a character. Many actors had problems with leaving their characters after playing the role. Nevertheless, it can be exactly what you need right now. If you have a desire to act emotions like actors create emotions, then you need to study these emotions to know them better then actors. Try to start with a definition of the emotions and how you feel about them. It can be a wonderful surprise for you.

The Character can show everything


This one of the easiest emotions that you can act out by yourself. People are always afraid of something. It means that you can easily carry this emotion. You can watch some actors make this emotion for you. How do they act? What is their facial expression? Why do they create this facial expression and gestures in this very moment? If you have a desire to create emotion, like “afraid”, then try to remember something scary in your life. Something that you can act out your memory, if you have fears of spiders, then you might need to figure how to imagine a spider in your hands. If you have a fear of snakes, then you might need to do the same with snakes. Think and act poses that you do when you have something scary in your hand.


It`s also one of the simplest emotions that you can create. Have you ever tried to look sad in front of your wife or husband? When you just needed something? Even kids can play with this emotion. They can pretend to be sad to ask you for candy or something else. Therefore, it`s quite possible that you can act this emotion. You just need to feel sad about something. It`s like you want to cry and you have no feelings to bear this miserable life. Try to think about bad things in the world, like poor people, starvation or ill animals. That might help you to act out even one drop out of your eyes.

this facial expression


Another quite simple emotion that you can act out. Nevertheless, if you are a shy person, then it might be a little difficult for you. Still, you were angry at least once in your life, then try to cat out and feel this emotion. If you have a desire, then you should watch Hulk movies. This superhero character purely consists of anger and other features connected to anger. Try to think about something unpleasant, something that can make you super angry.  Create this emotion in your mind and act out with necessary gestures if its needed. Try to feel really angry and pretend that you are an actor to create emotions like anger. Feel Hulk inside of you.


Annoyed is usually means to feel extremely irritated and angry with someone. Therefore, try to use this angriness towards yourself. Practice this emotion in front of your mirror. You need to act out this emotion. Try to think about people that you don`t like and annoyed. It can also be any action you do every day, but you can be happy not to do that at all. Try to think about morning traffic jams in the morning. Try to think about throwing out the garbage cans every morning. There are some things that annoy you. Think about them, and this announce.

Another quite simple emotion


Not very easy emotion to act out as people can surely understand when it`s a true astonishment and when it`s just pretending. Usually, it`s connected with a great surprise. It can be everything, like wonderful news that you are engaged, surprise party on your happy birthday, your promotion or just a surprise present. Try to act out this astonishing emotion. Pretend that you have a box with an iPhone that somebody gave you as a present for your perfect smile. You may also watch some anime movies; they can provide this kinky and at the same time sweetie astonishment.


Actors make emotions, like boring just doing regular things in the life. Routine is always boring for a person. Nevertheless, you need to find your example of boring. It can be a task, like finishing your work at home with few hundreds of pages for work, including data and other things like this. If you didn`t like sitting in the classroom when you were young, then think about your childhood in that class. It should help you to create the boring emotion. Life is boring, and everything is boring – repeat this phrase in your head when you try to act out this emotion. Boring feelings can be connected with everything.

Actors make emotions


One of the best ideas to create this kind of emotion is to be this kind of guy. Just try to watch some sports competitions. It can be fighting and martial arts shows, like MMA or UFC. These people can show you how to feel this emotion that you need to find right now. You might also need to watch Hulk movies again to feel the anger and a combative desire to kick somebody’s ass. You might also need to watch WWE competitions to feel out the atmosphere. If you have the desire to act out this emotion, then you might need to feel the atmosphere of battle. You might need to try to fight with somebody.


It`s a feeling that you can`t think clearly or understand simple things. It`s almost the feeling of frustration for your knowledge about some of the subjects. If you try to think about facial expression for this emotion, then you might think about something very difficult for you. Try to multiply super big numbers in your head. This emotion is the closest one to feel for you. It`s quite difficult to act out. If you are not a physicist, then try to think about different numbers connected to our universe. It can be anything in your mind that make you feel confused. Therefore, act out the gestures when you feel confused.

One of the best ideas to create this kind of emotion


There is no man in the universe who have not felt happiness at least once in the life. The happiness can be connected to everything. It`s not always connected with money. It`s seemingly connected with a feeling of anxiety that everything is ok in your life. Try to think about your first kiss or your first sex. It`s a very simple emotion that you can act in the mirror. You might also think about different types of jokes that come to your head. Try to think about your happy times with you friends, but do not think about the past too much, remember that you need to wear a mask and not act with it.


According to some science fictions, curiosity is the motor of the progress. Therefore, it can be quite progressive for actors creating emotions. You might need to think about something interesting to you. If you like scandals and rumors, then think about your favorite actor or actress. What happened with their lives? The best way to think about something curious is to be curious. Actors like to make experiments. Even science experiments can be quite an obvious decision for you to create curious emotion. Watch some movies connected with discoveries and science – train your curiosity level.

There is no man in the universe who have not felt happines


It`s also a quite simple emotion that you can act out. You had your times in depression, right? How did you act when you were in depression? How miserable you felt? It can be connected to everything. Just try to act these emotions. What did you feel when your girlfriend left you? Did you feel this kind of sadness that you want to act? That`s how actors create emotions, they just think about these emotions and compare them with the life they had once. The feelings of despair and depression are quite connected with actor’s professions.


If you feel disappointed, then it`s usually connected with something sad, and usually, it`s very frustrating. You might try express disappointment. Actors create emotions like a disappointment by pretending that something that they expected did not happen. You might connect this emotion with a feeling of astonishment like you receive something in a very bright and curious coverage, but when you open the present, you find something cheap and useless. Try to think about something in your life that you expected. Like better marks on the exams or love unanswered. Everything can be connected to the feeling of disappointment. Play this feeling your mirror.

Play this feeling your mirror.


It`s also one of the simplest emotions that you can create. We all can strongly dislike something. The facial expression is quite simple, especially if you imagine how well you could make this expression when you were a child. It`s quite simple for you even if you are an adult now. Just try to imagine something you don`t like. It can be a strange combination of food. It can also be a just face of a person that you dislike. Therefore, use your tongue to express your disgust. It`s one of the simplest ways to show this kind of emotion.


We sometimes hate people that surround us. There is nothing bad about this. It`s also one of the natural emotions that you can express by just looking in the mirror. You can imagine any enemy you don`t like. It can be your friend who betrayed you in the time of need. It can be your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend that was unfaithful to you. It`s quite easy to think about something you hate. One of the actors tried to imagine situation connected with fascists that killed his all family when he was a child. You can create something similar in your mind. Try to imagine a situation where you meet a person that you don`t like at all and express it.


It`s a strong emotion that can be easy connected with feelings of happiness. Therefore, it`s also not that difficult to play on the scene. Some actors tried to express this emotion with excitement, with a feeling of super happiness in emotions. It`s usually connected with uncontrolled laughter and uncontrolled motions. Therefore, it`s not a quite positive emotion that actors can make. This emotion can be connected with villains. Take Joker, for example; his hysterical laughter is a feature of the character that every actor tried to make. Nevertheless, all of them had their distinct type of Joker`s hysterical laughter.



It`s an extremely sad type of emotions. It`s quite difficult to express as it`s needed to be done believable for the auditory. Nobody likes pretenders or frauds; that makes weepy emotion is not quite good for performing for many actors. It`s needed to show a real sadness with crying, but without overdoing of anything. Critics do not like when actors overdo emotions. Therefore, actors do not like to extreme emotions that are likely to be made too artificial. It`s quite difficult to live through these emotions as they can be connected to everything.


One of the prototype emotions for villains or any other criminal character that you can meet in the universe. Nevertheless, it can be not that simple for playing the role. Actors create emotions and know all the secrets for the emotions. Therefore, some of the actors even tried to play cool with gangsters to create emotions connected with criminal characters. They even tried to sit with these people in jail and speak with them to understand their feelings and emotions. It was helpful to provide people a true feeling that the character in front of them is a real criminal and not some pretender.


It`s the last and not the least emotion that you can create by looking at the mirror. It`s quite simple; you might need to watch some comedies to feel it. Nevertheless, we all can be silly for sometimes. It`s especially seen when you try to joke around.



Another simple emotion that can be connected to your childhood. You might think about your first love or about some awkward situations that happened in your life. Everything can be quite helpful for you to express this emotion. Nevertheless, if you want to look shy, then try to make some bashful cheeks when you look at a mirror.


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