How can i have a smooth spotless face and skin without bleaching.

Hey guys! I need your help. I am the type of guy that has been battling with pimples since. Although i'm light, i have freckles on my body which i dont like. Please guys is there something I can do to become fresh....(Not Bleaching Cream o). I really need your assistance because i've some chicks on my mind!!!

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Bleaching has nothing to do with the condition and smoothness of your skin. There are many home remedies you can use to attain spotless and even color of the skin and healthy look of it. You may use baking soda or lemon juice to clean and soften the skin. You may use various DIY scrubs to purify and make it look younger. You may also use various plants or veggies to nourish it and moisturize. When a skin gets good care and goes through a proper daily regimen, it becomes well-tended and good looking. READ ALSO: What does Aloe Vera do to the face? article here https://ask.naij.com/health/what-does-aloe-vera-do-to-the-face-5-top-benefits-for-nigerians-i23443.html to get practical tips and recipes

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