How do i prepare for a job interview

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Remove your fears, tune in to good luck

Before the interview (day, week) visualize the event that has already happened. Imagine how You feel, soar with happiness, the employer shakes Your hand and congratulates with coming into a new position. Imagine how You look, what You suit, what You feel. Draw a picture! Keep in mind this picture, an image, text.

The fear and anxiety prevent you, better to replace them by confidence of success. How? First, reduce the significance of the result! Do not assume the interview is important. Here is the paradox: the more important an event it seems to us, the more we worry and the more mistakes we do during this event, because the tension and the emotion dissipate our attention and effort. If you want the interview to go perfectly — reduce for yourself the importance of it. Imagine that it's just a "practice interview", and, in General, still, how it all ends. If everything goes fine — will be fine. If all goes not very well — too well, because you are in the process of training you will acquire new experience, which then use for self-improvement. In any case, you will stay alive. Yes? Well, if Yes then worry no more. Relax.

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