How does Linda Ikeji's Banana Island house look like?

Did you hear about the latest news of famous Nigerian blogger and model, Linda Ikeji, who bought a house on Banana Island? Read the articles for more details about the house.

Banana Island

If you care two hoots about the life of worldwide famous people and regularly check out the latest news of Hollywood, then you know everything about the fresh trends which appear there all the time. Celebrities are those people who love to put on airs their abundance and always trying to go one better than other to show this wealth, buying expensive clothes, cars, houses and even the whole islands. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Yes, those people are rich and vainglorious enough to do so.

Hollywood celebrities are real leaders of fashion for the whole world. So, Nigerian celebrities are trying not to keep apace with their American colleagues.

Banana House Bath

Of course, such famous and contradictive person like Linda Ikeji is not an exception. The famous model and blogger are always on opening pages of magazines and newspapers, outraging people by her achievements. For example, people were actively discussing the creation of her own social network where her fans can achieve money for creating original posts.

The blogger is a quite thriving lady now. In one of the interviews, she shared her long-held dream. Linda was always dreaming about having a huge and magnificent private residence somewhere in some area of good address. And not so long ago her dream came true and she and her beloved one bought a beautiful house on Banana Island.

Cute house

By the way, Banana Island is one of the most expensive places for living in Nigeria. This artificial isle was created for Nigerians to be proud of their country and to attract attention. Now this place is very famous among the richest people of the state, who have enough money and are ready to meet special demands which made for those people, eager to settle there.

Linda Ikeji bought there a big house, which according to her words cost her more than N500 million. But some reliable sources state that she paid even more than N800 million. Her sister shared some information about the place, posting some photos on the Internet and later Linda herself told the public about her new purchase.

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She said that there are a lot of rooms in the house, including six bedrooms and two living rooms, also there is a swimming pool, laundry, private cinema, gym and cabana. And it is, of course, not all, but just a few of house`s filling.

How do you like?

The woman shared her emotions with her fans, saying that she is absolutely happy now and very proud of herself because she earned each coin spent on the house herself, without anyone`s assistance. She also encouraged people to believe in their dreams and do everything to achieve the desirable result.

We can only be happy for Linda and wish her to continue achieving her dreams in future.

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