How eyebrows change your face?

Have you ever dreamt of ideal eyebrows? No? Then read the article and become aware how your eyebrows can change your face and outlook in general.

Perfect eyebrows

How eyebrows are changing the face beyond all the recognition - from convert "strings" to the "bushes"!

Face without eyebrows. In the face without eyebrows, certainly, there is something alien. Excellent choice to distance themselves from the others. But! We must remember that a person without eyebrows is a person without character. Because at least half of us stay in old age without the eyebrows, it is necessary to prepare for the fact that to do permanent makeup.

Makeup artists are strikingly unanimous: the eyebrows really "do" all over your face. Experts advise how to restore eyebrows and pick up the form.Makeup artists here follow a striking unanimity. These arcs over the eyes really "make" your face - that is, either raising the whole image to a decent height, or if done poorly, again "killing" even the most thoughtful look. To confirm this simple truth may so many examples: in 1990, many of our beloved heroines mercilessly thinned their beautiful bushy eyebrows, and the advent of the 2010s began with a vengeance to correct the consequences. Your relationship with eyebrows evolved in a similar way? I see, and offer to learn how experts advise to restore eyebrows and pick up their form.

Eyebrows - is one of the most popular topics concerning which the makeup artists and beauty bloggers, come across a lot of questions. Videos on the subject collect thousands of views, and millions of girls around the world spend hours standing in front of mirrors, recalling their extinct ideal length and width of the eyebrows. Ten years ago, everything was much simpler: trendy ones raised their eyebrows in surprise considered as "strings" - the thinner, the better.

So cute

When the fashion changed, of course many people regained their senses, but it was too late: after years of plucking the hair thinned, if not ceased to grow. Then began a reverse process: we were deeply thoughtful, like eyebrows grow back, most desperate experienced the extreme measures such as transplant and one in three has tried tattooing.

"Foolishly, has been plucking eyebrows for six years. They have ceased to grow. For one year I didn't touch the tweezers, but only the half of the eyebrows has grown " - shares one of the girls.

Experts have shown us that the bushy eyebrows - is something beautiful. A kind of a "hunger" for the eyebrows said its word: After so many years of monotonous plucking everybody wanted something new - unbanal. Eyebrows fully transform the face of many girls - often for the better, but there were also those who has overdone it, as it always is.

Today, we seem to have come to a balance: in fashion are rather broad eyebrows in calm tones - without the "excesses" like black or bright outline. But to get perfect eyebrows - still is not an easy task. Until now, a lot of girls can not correct them until the end after the consequences of thoughtless disposal of their own brows. We have learned from the experts how to deal with this problem.

Trends and Technology: Tips from professionals

Ideal ones

To stimulate the growth of hair regularly after each washing, you should comb your eyebrows along the growth lines (from the nose to the temples) with a brush or a special comb. The home-based care needs to include some means for the growth and strengthening of hair - for example, Brow Boost Gel. With proper care eyebrows will have saturated color, the number of hairs will be significantly increased.

When you stop plucking eyebrows, they will grow long. Then start to use warm castor oil, for the night and apply a massage brush.

Take care of it

As for the shapes and colors, there are no strict rules, there are only general recommendations: graphically crisp lines remain in the past, and they are replaced by natural, slightly blurred ones. This kind of eyebrows gives the face a kind of a girlish carelessness. The design comes to the removal of individual hairs that are more like fluff or go far beyond the arc. Modern eyebrows are quite thick and slightly chaotically stacked. Natural negligence - is a trend of this season. As for color, the fashion is for cool color - light brown or graphite.

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In place of the popular tattoo, comes microbalding. This is a procedure during which the finest substance via the thinnest needles is introduced to the uppermost subcutaneous layers, to a depth of 1 mm. The wizard drawing of each hair by hand and slightly shading paint for a natural effect. Pigment is introduced very gently, which means that the strong swelling is excluded - light redness maximum for a half of a day. The procedure takes 2-3 hours, but the effect lasts from 6 to 8 months.

You harmed all the bulbs, - such words are often can be read in response to complaints about rare eyebrows. And therefore they do not grow. There are still sleeping, but they need to be woken up - you can use darsonvalization. Or just do microbalding.

How to make them cute

The best eyebrow shapes

Ample natural eyebrows. In fact, wide eyebrows must also be at least minimally adjusted - rarely it happens that nature takes care of everything herself - at least to brush the eyebrows. Association with eyebrows - sexuality, temperament, sensuality. Wide eyebrows make the face younger, give it energy and strength. But if the eyebrows grow too low, with age they can make a person gloomy.

Thin eyebrows. These are women who can not live without a man. She wants care, worship, flowers, furs, diamonds. In, general, a woman in every sense of the word. The same eyebrows were trendy in the days of the hippies. Incidentally,  those eyebrows balance a long face, make it more harmonious.

What is the type?

Short eyebrows. Make a face open, trusting and childishly naive. Fascinating look at a young face, making it even more younger. The older you are, the more desirable is to draw their ending or to make a tattoo.

Long eyebrows. I love those eyebrows! In the new edition, I would call them - modern eyebrows, it is the best embodiment of what is now considered to be beautiful. Woman with long eyebrows – are strong, sensual, self-sufficient. Young face with such eyebrows make us look more adult, mature woman's face long eyebrows do younger.

Eyebrows with a typical break. The steeper the bend, the more the temperament and the brighter appears the female essence. Eyebrows with a break are even good for the business lady - they have the energy and the strength needed for you. Such eyebrows often have self-made women. 

Symmetric eyebrows. Such eyebrows turn the face in the face of the Madonna and. The face looks calm and peaceful. 

How to choose the shape of your eyebrows?

How do you like?

Experienced experts agree that there aren't any clear guidelines - for each customer it is needed to create individual shape of the eyebrows.Moreover, in the process of correction in the first place is not the type of a person, and the structure of the skull - experts pay attention to eye-arcs: if they are expressed, it is not necessary to create eyebrows of acute form, otherwise there is the effect of "bulging eyes". Older women are advised to raise eyebrows - to distract attention from the facial wrinkles and drooping eyelids.

The height of the forehead, chin and nose shape is also taken into account by a chosen master. "For people with a wide nose it is necessary to narrow the distance between the eyebrows, thereby visually your nose becomes longer. Long face with a pointed chin can compensate a smooth or straight line of eyebrows. If the eyes are deep-set, you should raise your eyebrows. However, if there are several of these symptoms, recommendations for which contradict each other, it is necessary to see a specialist - he will inevitably find the best way to emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of smooth shape of the face.

For hairs to grow better, it is advised to nourish eyebrows with oils (castor, peach, citrus) and substances with vitamins A and E.

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