How to ask for a raise and get it?

You still think that your boss pays not much for you? Have you the same salary for a long time? It`s time to know how to ask for a raise!

How to ask for a pay raise?

How to ask for a pay raise?

How to build a dialogue with the head, if you think that the decent salary greater than the one you receive. It seems to be a very tough question. Someone is afraid to meet misunderstanding because of his childhood ethical standards, someone is just shy and cannot ask the boss for a long time deserved raise.

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They have years of "sitting" on a post and receive the same salary. So, how to build a dialogue with the head, if you think that the worthy salary greater than the one who receives, or it's time to take another post, because your professional level has increased?

professional level

One of the biggest misconceptions is the belief of some people that talk to the boss about salary increase or a promotion - it's embarrassing and humiliating. Superiors supposedly know better, and when the time comes, they will reward us for our labors.

Silent, uncomplaining and executive staff usually gets more and more tasks that require ever greater impact, but the superiors "forget" about the equitable reward. That's right, why do it? After all, such a worker are satisfied, he does the job with enthusiasm and does not ask any questions at the same time.

uncomplaining and executive staff

One of the main goals for you is to choose an elegant spot for yourself. You might have worked for the company for years. Nevertheless, it seems that your boss does not appreciate what you are doing. Why can`t you remind the boss that you are a valuable asset? Moreover, there is no person in the office that will ask for your raise. The only man who can make some changes around your salary is you. Therefore, you may ask yourself if you are a valuable asset for a company? Do you deserve to get some cash bonus for your hard labor? Therefore, take a banner and start moving to the boss`s office direction!

boss`s office direction

So, you need to stop being afraid, to feel a false shame and learn to ask. To be able to ask - does not mean to beg. It means to ask with dignity the raise which you worth to have because of your efforts and responsibility.

When do you need to ask for a pay raise?

1.    You started a successful development of a new project, and already see its prospects in the future;

2.    Thanks to you, the company has saved a good amount of money;

3.    You were able to raise their activity in his department, and display it on the company's performance.

Experts in matters of personnel believe that there are two main reasons for which your boss is simply obliged to raise your wages:

Experts in matters of personnel believe

-    dramatic increase the volume of work;

-    dramatically expanded duties.

If so - then go ahead bold and confident and ask your pay rise - because you deserve it!

How to ask for a pay raise? Recommendations!

How to ask for a pay raise? Recommendations!

Initially, you need to justify your claim about the salary increase, why you need the raise?

Remember, if you start to put pressure on the pity, crying and telling your superiors that now the price of food, housing in the country have increased, and you planned a wedding - it's your personal Wishlist and your problems, they do not care about it!

Justifications must come from you, or management, or market!

For example:

For example:

"Yesterday I have analyzed the labor market and saw that most of the professionals in a similar position have the salary higher in..." (and confirm it is providing a printout of this information).

Or, for example:

"Today, I find myself on the fact that, compared with the previous year, I grew up professionally in 2 times, because I can do it, I am responsible for something ...!"

You can also consider the following scenario: "I already have an excellent crust of knowledge and skills, and I know I'm a lot more expensive! Therefore, my work is much higher estimated in other companies than it is here! "

To consolidate the results and to be confident in your arguments, you should go on several interviews, try to get some successful proposals.

The conversation should be started in the friendly and comfortable environment.

your boss should be in a good mood

First of all, your boss should be in a good mood; he should not be tired or irritated at that moment.

The best time to talk - when your boss has decided the most important questions, distributed tasks to all employees and is sitting satisfied with life.

Try to prepare some ground before the actual conversation!

So, ask someone from your colleagues praise you to the authorities.

You can also trigger you own boss to the fact that he made you a compliment for a job, on this basis it would be easier to talk about raising wages.

You need to know the specific answer!

There are three possible answers to your request: "yes," "no" or "I agree, but only if ..."

There are three possible answers to your request

Never give your boss to postpone his decision for a week, a month. He may simply delay the moment. Be assertive and be ready for any drastically situation. Nevertheless, you should always stand your ground. You should never surrender and continue your path for a raise no matter the cause.

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