How to become famous?

There are many famous people in the world and with the glory they get riches, goods and that dream life you have always been after.

Would you like to become a person like that? Are you after fame? 

How to become famous?

Do you know how to become famous in NIgeria? 

Can you become a famous model or singer? 


Tip 1. Set a goal and deadline for its achievement

In order to achieve something in life, you just need to set a goal and go boldly to meet her. Moreover, in addition to the goal, you must limit yourself to a clear time frame for its achievement. Why is it so difficult?

But imagine 2 situations:

Want to finish courses of actor's skill.

I want to finish courses of actor's skill.

Now tell me, what the goal looks more realistic? That's it!

Tip 2. Start working on your charisma and charm

Look at all the famous people. To some extent they have something in common. All these people have charisma and have other special influence. Such that the crowd wants to go after. In addition, almost all famous people possess compassion, they are open and easy to communicate. So don't turn up their nose and cultivate charisma.

Tip 3. To become famous you need to work

As a rule, nobody is born famous, just as nobody is born a genius. It is said that in every man there is only 3% talent and 97% persistence. However, not everyone is ready to correctly apply that tenacity.

If you really want to be famous, work hard on it day by day and success will not keep itself waiting long.

Answered 1 year ago.

First of all, I want to say, that to be famous is a huge responsibility and demands a great work. Not every person can do that, although everyone wants. To be famous meant to have a public life, during which you can not do what you want, because people are watching you, and you have to be nice and look perfect all the time - at home, at the shop and even during walking the street. But still, I think that every person, who really wants to gain some fame, can do that. There is nothing impossible if you really want it!

Answered 2 years ago.
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