How to become really sexy?

Have run out of attention from the opposite sex? Don’t know how to become really sexy? Read this article and find out everything about sexy dresses, hair, and, finally, sexy confidence.

So cute and sexy

We tend to think that women's sexuality – is an innate quality: either it is present or not. However, sexologists say the opposite: develop the sensuality and attraction for the opposite sex you may on your own. Well, than how to be sexy?

The topic of sex is no longer a taboo, but so many women are facing problems in the sexual sphere. Mainly the cause of the majority of these problems is recognition of their own sexuality, sex confidence: their feelings, desires, fantasies, exploring their own body, impulses.

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It is important to understand that in order to become a sexual female, sexy high heels and sexy skirt – that’s not enough. These external symbols of aggressive sexuality, mass culture has imposed on us (although, of course, one can’t deny the importance of sexy clothes).

To love your body and learn to feel it

Nothing contributes to this better than sport.

  • Keep your body in shape;
  • Fight your excess weight;

Sexy dress

Once you want to emphasize your figure – wearing sexy tight dresses, sexy rompers, open tops, sexy open back dresses, but you are ashamed to wear such clothes due to excess weight or flabby muscles.

  • Physical exercises help produce endorphins, causing your shining eyes and you begin to feel uch more confident.

It is better to feel your body - aerobics, and dancing, and less energetic, more smooth and thoughtful classes: yoga, stretching, pilates – will help you achieve you such sex confidence.

It is believed that belly dance helps to strengthen women's chakra in the abdomen. Well, in general, rhythmic swaying hips in tempting trousers promote emancipation.

If you are not attracted by belly dance, try to do strip-plastique or dancing with a pole (pole dance). Dancing with the pole - it is also a great training for your strength: to perform a movement, you will need strong arms and legs. Strip plastic combines elements of both dance and stretching, and also has an additional advantage: if your man asks to dance striptease, you will, than pleasantly surprise him.

Examine your own body to understand what gives you pleasure

Dedicate yourself every night at least half an hour getting to know your own body. You can turn on a pleasant relaxing music, dim the lights. It is important that you should not be distracted. Listen to your body: how it reacts to certain touch. Try to explore your fantasies in the field of sexuality. What makes you feel sexy? Pay attention to all the details of your fantasies - you can try to implement them in reality.

As often as possible arrange sensual pleasure


Massage, baths with aromatic oils and a variety of cosmetic procedures that can be done both in salons and at home. This will help to focus on the sensations that your body is experiencing. Buy an aromatic lamp and oils, aphrodisiacs: aromas of rose, patchouli, ylang-ylang, neroli and others. Oils can also be used for massage and bath, and just to relax - light a candle and aroma lamp and try to meditate.

Feel your own femininity

That is the weakness and fragility. Clearly, if you are a manager, but also a mother of two children, accustomed to be responsible for everything – it won’t be easy. You can resort to a psychological exercise. Try being in a public place, imagine the men around you as strong and vigorous, and you are weak and helpless, in need of security. Imagine that you attract the attention of these men by your helplessness, they may cuddle you and it will be nice for you. Do not try to choose the best member. So far, just try to see the power and sexuality in each of them.

Check your wardrobe

Looks attractive

Try to minimize the number of jeans, comfortable, but shapeless sweatshirts and other clothes, traditionally considered as asexual. It is all what men do not like. In fact, I do not like it, and most of the women who wear it also do. Sexy dresses, beautiful lingerie and heels really change us. This can be called emancipation or just sexuality, but the fact is that wearing a skirt and heels, sexy maxi dress, you will feel a little different. For many girls, the main problem is closing in the cozy cocoon of self-acceptance of asexuality (mostly fictional). Do not be afraid to attract attention. Fear seems stupid, thoughtless needs to be overcome. 

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