How to distinguish a negative person? - Top 10 signs

Have you noticed that some people have a negative influence on you? A list of these signs will help you avoid the presence of people with negative aura.


Often we take selfishness for kindness, relations with comrades for friendship, affection for love. We confuse these concepts, because we really want to indulge in our wishful thinking, but the truth emerges too late.

There are some people, who are like bad friends, they literally poison your life. Sometimes they understand what they do, and sometimes ruin your life not on purpose, it can be said, on the unconscious level.

Precious time spent with them, eludes you, and the negativity that comes from them, spoils your life. How do you determine that your friend is a negative energy person, poisons your existence and hinders your development?

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Negative emotions

This is a list of negative person traits to bear in mind:

  • He exhausts you

After staying with him you get the feeling that you are absolutely worn out – unpleasant feeling, right? From real friends you get slightly different feeling - elation, pleasant mood, as if you have rested for a long time.

  • They perceive all the changes with hostility

You never can tell them how many positive things have happened in your life recently, because you well remember that they recently gave negative evaluation to one of the extremely important things to you.

  • They do negative things

 Unfaithfulness to their wives is a common thing, drinking too much alcohol, they lie and deceive their nearest and dearest.

  • Their life's values ​​and interests are very different from yours

If this is not a conflict of interest, dude. People with different values are always conflicting. Keep in mind.

  • They are unreliable

You can’t trust them, they can easily let you down and break the promise.

  • They are with you when only they need it

At other times you can’t hear them from them and you can’t see them due to their busyness.

  • They are not ambitious at all and rather envious

You can notice it when you are taking about your achievements – he may express negative emotions or just say that he would like to have the same things.

Negative signs

  • They often drive you out of your wits. Such a feeling of a constant wish to give them beans is quite familiar to you.
  • It isn’t common for them to leave their zone of comfort. It is true because they aren’t willing to meet with some fears, worries and discomfort. This way they don’t want to find out something new or to gain new experience or come across a set of challenges.
  • Their favourite word is – BUT. It is usual for them to pay a compliment on your some great quality. However, after this they always say – but, crossing out all the pleasant information that was said some time ago.
  • Negative energy personalities seldom think about their future, they don’t have any plans or prospects.
  • If you feel lack of energy and strength – the reason is absolutely clear. Your “friend” is an energetic vampire. It means that he doesn’t produce positive energy – he only makes use of your vitality.

How to get rid of them?

  • Stop responding to those of their "I'm so devastated!", "I'm depressed because of my boss", "My girlfriend is such a bitch, let’s go out for a beer?". Gently ask them to find someone else, because you're busy. This is a great step back to realize what kind of people they are!

Negative and positive

  • Take control of the conversation. When you feel the conversation is slipping into negative traditional theme, switch to something positive. We think that this guy will be incredibly outraged. Maybe he will say that you are selfish, but it's nothing at all, be prepared for the consequences.
  • Do not be rude to them in return. They may tell you something rude, but in response there is no point to have insulting or abusive behavior. Why to waste precious time for these people?
  • Be honest. Some people really do not realize that they have negative personality signs. Tell them plainly: "Dude, I feel that you are ignoring me and generally treating me negatively to a moment when you want something from me. Also, you can say - "You're too negative, let's talk about something good".

If you want to completely exclude this person from your life:

  • Do not answer his calls. If you deal with him on business matters, bring communication to the pragmatic informational contact. If desired, you can find a reason to take offense at him for something.
  • Say firmly, that's enough for you. If you decide that the harmful effects on your life is too big, tell him bluntly: "I do not want to communicate with you now".
  • Make new friends. Seriously, entertain all your free time with new friends, and such people will recede into the background.

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