How to keep relaxed hair moisturized?

Have you ever thought that there are so many means of moisturizing your relaxed hair? Read the article to be aware of the ways of moisturizing your relaxed hair.

Relaxed hair

First of all you should promote relaxing of your hair every 8 or 16 weeks. The frequency of such procedure depends on the quality of your hair. It is not needed to relax your hair every time when some new growth takes place, it is true because  too frequent relaxing tends to cause great detrimental effect to the hair. Some time after relaxing your hair, you need to use a kind of a hair reconstructor, as a replacement for your regular conditioner while washing them.

Speaking about on the best products designed for this, you can turn to Aphogee - it produces perfect hair reconstructor and shampoo.

In a week you may again turn to your regular Moisturizing shampoo and whatever means you use.

Tip 2

Useful means

Wash your beautiful hair one time or two times a week. It is better to make use of mild and gentle shampoo and also to turn to usage of moisturizer created for relaxed hair. If you are a happy owner of sensitive skin, you are to use special substances, such as Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

If you seek for the best means of making your hair perfect, than Paul Mitchell is an excellent producer of shampoos and moisturizers for damaged  hair.

Turning to such a conditioner with both proteins and moisturizing effects approximately once a week is absolutely ideal. You may try Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pak or Paul Mitchell Hair Repair.

Relaxed hair must always be taken care with a leave-in conditioner after every washing. Motions Nourish is a great helper for hair in such a vulnerable condition when they are wet. 

Tip 3

What to choose?

If you feel that you are to wash your hair more often, than you may opt for "CO-washing" is a perfect alternative to other means.

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Cowashing means washing your hair with  moisturizing conditioner, without shampoo. It  can be rather damaging to your hair - drying is detrimental to relaxed hair.

You can do this almost every day. For the best of your hair, simply rinse it with warm water, and use conditioner, beginning from the scalp, and smoothing it to the ends. Use more of the substance for the ends especially if they are dry.

Tip 4

Moisturize your hair

It is needed to avoid heat effect for your hair, especially if your hair is damaged. Hair needs to be dry at least in parts. Even if your hair is healthy enough and you prefer heat, you can dry it on medium heat. The hair is to be completely dry before using special electrical appliances. Use a heat protection, it is extremely important.

Tip 5

At the time of usage of an iron to style your hair, look after the barrel not to cover your hair.

Tip 6

Don't use petrolatum or mineral oil for your relaxed hair as a means of moisturizing. The aforementioned substances do NOT moisturize the hair but act as a sealant (it protects hair from damage and moisture loss).

Looking on your hair type, you could have to use daily hair conditioner. For best results, you need to choose a lightweight oil (such as jojoba, coconut).

Tip 7

The frequency

Use little heat, as you can damage your relaxed hair. If you wish to have curly hair in a few days, pincurling is the best choice.

Drink plenty of water daily, get enough of rest, eat well, alleviate stress, and exercise regularly (at least 2-3 days per week) to produce the healthiest hair possible. Take a multi-vitamin, Biotin, Omega-3 Oil, and other supplements as needed.

What the hair!

After hair washing, in place of a drugstore conditioner, use Hellman's Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip dressing for a deep conditioning. Just apply generously to wet hair and cover with a plastic cap. Sit under a dryer for 20 to 45 minutes or for up to a couple of hours without a dryer. If hair is really damaged, you can leave it in overnight for ultimate conditioning. Rinse your hair and then style it as usual.

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