How to pick your wedding colors?

You`re going to get married! Everything has to be perfect! One of the most important things to do is to decide how will everything look. Let`s talk about picking the colors for your day.

One of the most important days in your life

The wedding is one of the most important events in the human`s life. Everybody wants it to be perfect. But there are so many questions. One of them is how to pick your wedding colors.

There is such a wide variety of palettes and combination, that to pick one seems to be something incredibly hard or even impossible, but let`s try.

Get back to your dreams

I think all of us imagined their wedding day at least once or twice, especially in the childhood. Now the time has come to remember, what have you been thinking of yours. Was it a lot of light there? Or was it full of bright colors?

The colors you pick will set the mood of the entire event.

We always know what we want. Sometimes, it could be just hard to find the answer in your mind.

Listen to your heart and try to find the best solution.

What`s the trend now?

Look through some fashion magazines or find the photos of recent celebrity weddings. I`m not saying that you should steal someone`s ideas. It won`t make your wedding better. But watching that pictures you can get an idea. Don`t concentrate on wedding ideas only. Look, what fashion models are wearing or which colors designers are recommending to decorate your home with. You`re searching for an unusual decision, right?

In addition to this, being in trend will never be redundant.

Don`t get obsessed

Favorite color

Do you have one? Why not to fill one of the best days of your life with the things you like most? You need to feel as comfortable as possible, so the color that inspires you and makes you feel good will never be odd.

Get help

Yes, you don`t need to do everything yourself! You have friends and family, who will be happy to help you. Just ask for it. Maybe your married sister has a fantastic idea which came to her only after her wedding day. You never know.

So many variants!

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Ask the Internet

There is a huge variety of interesting sites for brides now. It`s a lot of useful information there. Tips, trends, dos and don’ts. You can not only decide what colors to use but even have an expert advice or use a budget calculator. Try it!

Season of the year

Every time of the year has its shades. Think about it. Colors that match the nature will look very impressive. Everything will seem consonant.

You can pick unusual combos. For example white, pale green and black for spring or yellow, cinnamon and beige for autumn. Don`t be afraid to experiment!

Decore`s important


It might sound strange, but try to find out what colors do you see while thinking about your beloved. The wedding day is the day for two of you. There`s the reason to do it most personal. Remember your first date? Or the day of your first kiss? What colors were you both wearing when he purposed? Or maybe you love lavender, and he gives it to you from time to time. Fill the atmosphere exactly with yours feelings and memories. That will make your day unforgettable.


Ask your grandma, if there were any wedding traditions in your family. Maybe there were some special colors or flowers that are forgotten today. It will be very poetic to get married with orchids all around just like your great-grandmother did, don`t you think?


Think about your bridesmaids. Maybe you`ll think of dress color that will look good on them, and it`ll become the color of your wedding palette.

More about Flowers

Tulip, Lotus, Dahlia, Cherry Blossom, Rose… Just pick one! The color or flower you like can be the basis of the gamma you choose. In addition to this, you can put flowers everywhere as I said above. The combination of flowers and décor elements of the same colors will make an impression that every detail is perfect.

Don`t think about it too much

Even good idea can seem awful if you think about it over and over. Colors will just make your wedding special. It is important decision to make but isn`t the most important. Concentrate on the more important things and maybe an answer will come when you aren`t expecting it.

It`s gonna be as perfect as possible :)

Here are some more tips, which will help you to organize a perfect wedding:

•    Don`t try to make it faster. You don`t want everything to look like a mess, right? Make a plan and follow it. Always be ready for things to happen slower than you think they will.

•    Don`t get too crazy. Everything just won`t be perfect. Accept it. Yes, it`s important to do your best, but you can`t do more than that. Think about it.

•    Always keep in mind that it worth it. Yes, exactly! Or you want to feel sick and tired on your wedding day? I don`t think so. Remember, what are you`re working on – the best day of your life.

•    There`s always someone, who`ll talk. Whether you`re doing bad or good. Don`t listen to everyone, who says that you`re doing wrong. Only you know what you want and how you want it to look. Be careful with advisers. Don`t let everyone criticize you and your ideas.

•    Don`t forget about your beloved interests. Yes, you wanted to dance rock`n`roll, but it`s his wedding too. Don`t forget to ask, what does he think about wearing a purple suit or going camping for the honeymoon.

Hope, you have found something for yourself. I`m sure: your wedding will be just amazing!

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