How to spend less money?

Do you want to get financially fit? There are many ways to spend less money and save more. Check top 15 tips here.

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When it comes to spending less and saving more, there are many ways to get financially fit, but some are much easier to accomplish than others. We have created the best 15 tips on how to spend less money and live a better life. Here they are:

1.    Wash dishes by hand

 Wash dishes by hand

To do that, use only one the sink which is full of water. Some people tell that washing dishes by hands costs the same as running the dishwasher. However, dishwasher consumes a lot of energy, water, and detergent, so you will be surprised how much you can save.

2.    Take a public transport

Take a public transport

You may even not notice how much you pay for the parking passes and gas in the long-run, especially if you use your car every single day. There are two ways to save money. The first one is obviously to use public transportation. It is always cheaper then private cars, so  you can consider this way. It will add more movement to your life! The second solution is to share the ride with somebody.

3.    Dry clothes on line

 Dry clothes on line

Probably currently you are using dryer machine and you are not even suspecting how much money it takes. It is really impressive that you can save more than hundred dollars if you dry clothes on the line, especially if you have a big family. If you don’t have a yard, hanging clothes in your apartment is also fine.

4.    Make your own detergent

Make your own detergent

Did you know that you can make your own laundry detergent at home? You can find one recipe here.

Probably you heard that laundry detergent from the shop contains a lot of chemicals which may be harmful to your health and home environment. So homemade detergent is the great healthy alternative to the traditional one.

5.    Make every gift by yourself

Make every gift by yourself

The handmade gift is always better than that one which is bought. Your friends will value it more because you spend your time. There are many different websites such as Pinterest where you can find some extraordinary and creative ideas. What is more important – the handmade gist is always cheaper and, besides, making it will boost your creativity.

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6.    Grow your own food

 Grow your own food

If you have your yard, you should use it! Just imagine how much money you will save if you grow your fruits and vegetables. You will know that they contain no GMO and pesticides and that they are ecological. Growing your food is not only beneficial for your wallet, but also for your health and outer look.

7.    Clean you house with vinegar

Clean you house with vinegar

You can clean everything with vinegar! All you need is a rag and mix of vinegar and water to have a perfect house. You don’t need to spend money on expensive products. In addition, you can even wash your hair with vinegar. Find out how to do it here.

8.    Cook more meals at home

 Cook more meals at home

With the growth of popularity of fast foods and restaurants in Nigeria, people eat more and more outside. However, eating out drains your budget without significantly. If you cook at home, you save hundreds of dollars a month.

9.    Don’t use cable

 Don’t use cable

In general, watching TV is a really harmful habit especially in the time of Internet where you can watch all your favorite films and TV Shows. So there is no reason to pay big money for cable. Thus you can spend your valuable time on the more important things.

10.    Patch up clothes by yourself

Patch up clothes by yourself

You don’t have to buy a sewing machine to do this: all you need is a few pieces of scrap fabric and a needle and thread. It will only cost you a few dollars.

11.    Become a coupon expert

 Become a coupon expert

Coupons is a very helpful tool for saving money. You just need to make a little research and find out what coupons you can purchase so that they will be beneficial particularly for you. 

12.    Get a roommate

   Get a roommate

If you are living alone, try also find a person who lives alone and wants to save money. Since the housing is usually the biggest expense, you can divide it with somebody else.

13.    Use board games and watch movie at home

Use board games and watch movie at home

Most people spend plenty of money on expensive and unnecessary entertainment. Just try to play board games or cards with your friends and you will be surprised how fun it could be.

14.     Shop at thrift shops

 Shop at thrift shops

  You can buy beautiful clothes and furniture in thrift shops. Also, check what discounts are going on in your local stores and use this opportunity.

15.    Unplug everything

Unplug everything

You should unplug all your electronic devices when you leave the house. Although it might take up some time and only save you a few dollars, this is a must for those of you who want to live the ultimate frugal living.

Of course, these are not the only ways to spend less money, so please share your own tips on how to save money in comments.


Great tips for saving money. There are some other ways that should be more easy to save money while shopping.

Buy popular brand products and compare pricing on different stores, Use online coupon code to get discount.

Make monthly budget and also involved in finance mom saving site for extra knowledge.

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