How to start a new life from scratch?

Wiling to start a new life from scratch? You can plunge into a new life journey exactly after reading this article which will save you from useless time spending, but will give you new life and new hopes.

New life

Tired of living in the gray everyday life? You want to start a new life, but do not know how? We offer you useful tips on how you can start a new life today!

All! Enough! Fed up with the job, friends, this polluted city! From Monday I will begin a new life! I will change job! Change friends! Move to another city! Sounds familiar, isn’t it? Almost every month, if not every week we're going to start something new, but for some reason at some point we stop and forget about the changes.

New hopes

Why it happens, you ask. Why do old habits always win, and we stay on the hated work? How to start a new life from scratch? How to motivate yourself to achieve the specific goal?

By adopting a final and irrevocable decision to start a new life, the most difficult for us is the first step. After all, we get used to the standard of everyday life, we get used to the situation around us. A major change, we want to make only when we come to a standstill. But at the same time, we just do not know what steps or actions should be taken to change our life for the better.

If you permanently have hopes to start a new life from scratch, then these simple steps will guide you on the right path!

Step 1: The break with the past

New beginning

If you want to start a new life, first, you would have to break with the past. You must clearly understand that it is impossible to begin a new life with a load of old problems. In this case, nothing good happens. You will only procrastinate future changes. No development, you aren’t involved. For example, before you marry again, you should throw away all what can remind your old alcoholic husband.


Thinking about alcoholics - we attract alcoholics, thinking about poverty - we lose a job, thinking about money - we start making them. Before you begin to move somewhere, you need to break with the past.

Step 2: Leaving our present, habits and job

New life

When you no longer procrastinate the past, it's time to move on. And the next step is to start a new life without all these things.

Agree, if you decide to live in a new way, the moment you are no longer satisfied should be get rid of. Right? What should you do? At this stage, prepare a list of what you do not like in your life. Write down in a diary all your negative habits, friends who drag you to the bottom and hateful job. Be honest with yourself and write down absolutely everything that you would like to leave behind, and what you would like to change. So now you will be much easier to find a job to your liking, friends and habits!

Step 3. The new hobbies

Don't be afraid of new things

Now that you got rid of the past, we go to the next step. Here you have to think about what would you like to do. Perhaps you want to find your own calling? Come up with their new hobbies. For example, you have dreamt to jump with a parachute for a long time, go on a submarine or observe the mouth of a volcano. Now is the best time for all undertakings!

Step 4: Change of habits

Now that you have done so many steps towards this important goal, as beginning of new life, it's time to take up old habits and replace them with new ones. Many psychologists agree that changing habits takes about 2 months. Of course, someone can eradicate old habits quickly, and someone will need more than two months. For example, you have to go to the bathroom and wash your face every morning, brush your teeth and take a refreshing shower.

Plunge into it

You do not have to break yourself to brush your teeth? You do these actions on a permanent basis because they have entered into a habit. Now imagine that before you brush your teeth, you will go jogging in a nearby park. Imagined? And what do you think about this? Surely you do not want to do that, but you should prevail against laziness.

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But having started jogging and doing this for 2 months, it will enter you into the habit and will be performed on the regular basis. At the initial stage, you just need to overcome laziness and internal resistance. The same is with the other habits. Try to overcome yourself and then begin to live in a new way!

Step 5: The strength is here, the will is also, the willpower - no

New dreams

When you start to break yourself, developing new habits, you need great willpower to overcome all the internal contradictions.  It is important not to listen to your inner wishes, but focus only on the new habit. If you can’t resist, look for mega strong motivation, or tell the world about your start to struggle with old habits. In this case, you just can’t retreat. Because otherwise you will no longer be respected, so as you throw words to the wind.

Step 6: Meet new people

Remember: if you want to change yourself for the better, then you just need to meet new people. Get to know the positive and successful people, looking at that, and you will strive for more.

Step 7: The new bright future


Having not completed only a single step on the way to a new life, following the steps you will be easier and easier to achieve the final goal. At this point it is useful to present the new life in detail!

Moreover, it is desirable to imagine all to the smallest detail: what kind of house you will have, what car, what kind of clothes, some food, work, etc. If you've always dreamed to move, now is the time to realize the dream. If you want to move to another city - move. Not having tried something now, in the future you will only blame yourself for being too slow!

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