I dont feel like continue the journey any more. Advice?

Despite the fact that she knew nothing but little about house chore, dressing etc.Though her mother said she still a kid then. She left her father's house because prophet gave a message.After gained admission, out of love and to prevent academic barrier, i sent her back to school. While i engaged in training her in housechore. After complete school cert and grade2,she started part time nce but i couldnt give full support since i was a studnt. things change suddenly, just because prophet said. later she had her first child and he died from her overspiritualism instead of going to hospital.yet i overlooked it, she gave birth, she started doing the same, what prompt me to call off the journing was the prophet said it was my family that killed her child and all sort of unhearable things.i garaduated nw all her family are begging forgotten that i once called them to speak, advice, and train her more.instead they all gather together abusing me, think am cheating heram tired and i cant continue

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