INTERPRETER NEEDED. Job (2) {$500 million monthly}.

Interpreter please help me.....

“I am maniacally bewildered , overgassted and

flabberwhelmed at the paraplegic crinkum

crankum that characterised the Glo CAF awards

culminating in an odoriferous saga cum

gargantuan gaga !

The jiggery pokery of CAF in

crowning Yaya Toure instead of our very own

prodigy John Obi Mikel is a veritable bugaboo that

must be pooh- poohed by all compos mentis homo

sapiens! The perfidy and Mendacity of all the

apparatchic of sports suzerainty is not only

repugnant but also insalubrious !

I said to my self: What an anathematous disdain of

the citizenry ! What a deprecable descent from the

sublime to the ridiculous !

Who will curb the odoriferous excesses of this machavellian and

mephistophelean cabal in the Confederation ? With

this state of affairs, i dare say that African football

is swimming in a pestilential aqua with a

disastrious terminus ad quem inherently laden with

avoidable cataracts, ice bergs and oxbow Lakes . It

is sardonic and lugubrious !!!”

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