Is it possible to fall in love with someone you've never met before?

Love! Love! Love!Last night, i logged into my 2go account which i have not visited since 3 months ago. I quickly glanced through all the notifications and i saw a girl who added her number, twitter username and bbm pin on her status.(Although i've been chatting with her long before we both quitted 2go, but i never had the courage to express my feelings for her.) I wrote down her number and decided to give her a call. You wont believe that she has one of the sweetest voices in the world. She asked how i got her number and i told her. She also asked for my name but i didnt tell because i was kinda scared. To cut the long story short, i have a crush on this girl. Now, what baffles me most is that despite never seeing her before i already have feelings for her and i must make sure i take my ego to the next level.

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